Chain Bridge, Budapest

The Chain Bridge (Lánchid) was the first bridge to permanently connect Buda and Pest.

The story of ‘the reason’ for which the bridge was constructed is like this:
A pontoon bridge on the river since the Middle Ages enabled passage in the seasons spring to autumn. During winter, the river froze making crossing possible. However at times when the weather changed abruptly and people got stuck on one side. In 1820, this happened to Count István Széchenyi, when he had to wait a week to get to his father’s funeral. This experience led him to decide that a permanent bridge had to be built. He became a major advocate of the project and founded a society to finance and build the bridge.

These shots were taken from Buda Castle.You can see the parliament and St. Stephen’s Basilica’s dome. Note how they are at the same height.

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