Cathedral St. Croix, Orleans, France

Joan of Arc, famous Orlean’s maiden; her association with the city of Orleans made us add it to our itinerary. She fought the English presence in her country, to crown their king; that was in 1429. If you wish to refresh yourself with the story of this brave lady, check here. Joan of Arc stayed at a house in Orleans during this time for a few days which got destroyed in WWII; today there is a copy of the house ‘Maison de Jeanne d’Arc’.

Even the cathedral she attended in the evening mass of 2nd May 1429 got famous because of this prestigious association. The interior of this cathedral is stunning. I was amazed at its size and details, “yet another medieval church that made a bold statement about its power and wealth!” I thought. The huge stain glass windows depict the story of Joan of Arc. My daughters enjoyed this visit very much; they could connect with the place and the stained window paintings and were full of admiration for Joan of Arc!

Rose window, exterior view and interior view.

The very first window depicts 17 year old Joan hearing voices asking her to drive out the English. She saved Orleans. The story goes on through several panels. The last window shows her being burnt alive, after she was defeated, captured and judged for sorcery.

Facade Of St. Croix, Orleans, France
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