Cathedral of Evora, Portugal


This grand Cathedral of Evora was built in 1186 on the site of the main mosque existing there. That mosque was built on an existing Roman church… new ruler new place of worship! Cathedral of Evora is located at the highest point of old town of Evora, the oldest and the most important monument there. The completion of this monument took 18 years. The most popular legend about this cathedral is that fleet of Vasco da Gama had their flags blessed here in 1497 before his famous expedition to India!

Apostles sculpted on frame of door.

Apostles Evora cathedral

Cathedral of Evora.

Evora Cathedral

Must See inside Cathedral of Evora


The main portal of Évora Cathedral is a beautiful example of Portugal’s Gothic sculpture tradition. The attractive marble columns are sculpted with enormous statues of the Apostles. The expressions chiseled out on the faces of Apostles stunned me. These creations date back to mid-fourteenth century and History mentions these were possibly sculpted by renowned sculptors of the time, Mestre Pero and Telo Garcia.

The exterior facade is plain but the huge interiors, goes high, and is very well decorated. The main altar is made of pink, white and black marble; it is a new addition, built in 18thcentury. Except the muscular Jesus which is made of wood, rest of the decoration is with marble. The 16th century pipe organ that you can see in the right of the pic is fully functional.

Interiors of marble.

Evora Cathedral Interiors

Observe carefully to see the muscular Jesus made in wood.

Muscular Jesus
One very unique statue here is that of pregnant Virgin Mary. This is one of its kinds in whole of Portugal. The sculpture was made in 15th century. For the first time I saw Mother Mary depicted with swollen stomach. This cathedral is now a pilgrimage site for young women from the local area who come here to pray for their fertility. Family members of pregnant women come here to pray for an easy labor and childbirth. The Gothic cloister leads to an open terrace; one can get lovely views out over the surrounding Alentejo countryside.

Evora Cathedral Ceiling

Ceiling Evora cathedral

Pregnant Mother Mary

Pregnant Mother Mary


9:00-12:00h and 14:00-17:00h Tuesday to Sunday, but closed on Monday, when only the main chapel is open.


The entrance fee to the cathedral is €1.50, and the highly recommended ticket to the cloisters and roof is €2.50.

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