Castlegrande, Bellinzona

Another fairy tale castle, this one was in Bellinzona, Switzerland; 324kms from Verona, 246kms from Lake Garda. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is believed to have been inhabited since the neolithic times; today it is famous for three grand castles.

We were at the Castelgrande, the other two that we missed are Montebello and Sasso Corbaro. There are two ways one can approach the Castelgrande, one hiking through the narrow streets from the city center through the city wall onto the castle grounds, the other taking an elevator from the foot of the rock to the castle grounds. Of course we took the easier route.

The castle has been built and rebuilt several times over from first century BC. The present structure is on the foundations of a Roman fort, though no part of the foundation is visible. It dates back to 13th and 14th centuries and some parts of the old walls from that age are still visible. Today the interior of the castle houses an archeological museum.

We spent much of the time viewing the scenic sights around. Parts of the other two castles were visible from here. We walked along the castle wall, the lush green pathway was a very pleasing sight, and underneath this pathway is a dark tunnel. We did take a peek inside the dark tunnel, not very tempting enough to take the long walk through it.

After this very satisfying and refreshing halt, we continued our journey.

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26 Responses to “Castlegrande, Bellinzona

  • I love the lush green pathway… it is so inviting! These photos take me on the journey with you, and I am enjoying every step of it.

  • I can see the knights jousting and the damsels running from the fire breathing dragons.

  • I cannot imagine what it would be to live there. The structure is magnificent but I bet it's cold within those walls.

    Hmm. I guess humans have always felt the need to fortify themselves from their enemies. Perhaps it is too much to hope that humans will outgrow their GREED.

    Lovely photos of the glories of way back when.

  • Beautiful! I loved that lush green pathway too! Been interesting to have seen where the dark tunnel took you?? Ha!

  • You can feel the history in your photos and they are fantastic! Love the green pathway, too, but it is those ancient buildings that completely fascinate me! How I would love to visit them. Hope you have a great week, Indrani!


  • How blessed you are Indrani to be able to see these important relics and remains from the past. I wouldn't mind walking all day long to see the whole lot of this magnificent place.

    Just as you posted a comment, am here in your blog reading every letter of your interesting post. (as ever)

  • That is one grand complex! That is amazing. Thanks for sharing this part of the world.

  • The view is breathtaking. The last shot makes me wish I was walking along the green path. The castle looks very formidable as if it could weather the centuries well.

  • i love the photo of the door/gate. the stone walls are so thick this castle would probably remain standing in the next centuries. i'm sure this castle has very interesting history.

  • What a fabulous castle at the top of a misty hill! Lovely photos.

  • these are amazing buildings! It's so nice to see they are still around.
    Wonderful captures, thanks for sharing them.

  • Fascinating medieval world.
    Thank you for sharing Indrani.
    Great post.

  • its truly a fairy tale castle…. loved the last pic…

  • It's hard to believe that the old castles still stand. Be a bit cold there in winter. The last photo is wonderfu lwith all htat grass, but it would be a pain to mow!
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  • First Italy and now Switzerland – what a wonderful vacation. Great photos of the castle.

  • ooh ! Really GRAND !

  • I sure wish I had an entry door like the one in your photo!

  • The Neolithic era? Seriously? Those must have been some very hardy souls to thrive in such an environment without much in the way of amenities. The castle is indeed quite grand!

  • Thanks for taking us along with you to this marvelous castle. Your photos are magnificent.

  • Neolithic era sounds like from another planet era:) Such a grand-looking castle. You capture the place really well. I love the long, green pathway.

    My world entry is here.

  • indeed like fairy tale. great place like your great photos

  • very nice pictures. the last one is mesmerizing. R u a Globetrotter?

  • I love visiting castles. These castles were built to defend the country. Therefore they are not beautifully decorated like the old palaces and temples in India. In France I saw castles used as hunting lodges. They are beautiful and meant to impress other rulers.

  • Pretty and impressive. Great shots!

  • Beautiful hilltop castle. It looks imposing.

  • Fabulous, beautifully situated castle. Very nice shots!

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