Candles in Wat Phanan Choeng, Thailand

This shot of big orange burning candles was taken in Wat Phanan Choeng, a Buddhist temple in Ayuthaya, Thailand. The Wat Phanan Choeng has a modern look; a concrete finish has been given to this 14th century Wat. Inside there is the fourteen meters wide and nineteen meters tall image of seated Buddha. It is made of mortar, primed with black lacquer and covered with gold leaf, built in 1344. The luminosity of this idol is stunning.

While there, I witnessed the ritual of merit transfer. Men standing up on idol of Buddha were wrapping it with saffron robes; there was one man at the shoulder too. The robe was then used to cover the devotees and worshipers sitting down below. One of the priests there was chanting hymns and prayers. After the completion of the ritual, the robes were pulled away gently, folded and kept away for the next session.

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