Photographs of Canals and Bridges of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Before I visited Venice, it was difficult for me to comprehend a city with 410 bridges. And I saw it for real. Then I visited Amsterdam, I read the city has 1500, yes one thousand five hundred bridges! Could the figures be real?! This is the maximum possible number a city can have, I concluded. One hundred kilometers of canals criss-crosses the city!

Canals and Bridges of Amsterdam

Canals and Bridges of Amsterdam

All canals were connected and this huge waterway network existed from seventeenth century. The city has three main canals, Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht, and they form concentric belts around the city, known as the Grachtengordel. Recently, in 2010, this was placed in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. An aerial view here would give a better idea.


While I cruised along the canals, I managed to get some captures of the bridges. Series of bridges, one after the other, they made interesting frames, only I had to be quick to capture the sight. This one has six bridges in a row.

These arched bridges should look mesmerizing lighted up with colored lights at night. The draw bridges allow passage of ships and bigger boats. In totally still water, with absolutely no ripples the bridges and their reflections would be making a perfect circle I imagined.

Luckily we were on time to witness the opening of one of the bridges.

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  • Amsterdam is such a fascinating and incredible city! I loved having the opportunity to visit there briefly — would have loved to have had more time, but I did make the most of what I had! Your wonderful photos brought back so many memories, Indrani! Thank you for sharing!


  • I really like your photo of the six bridges. 1500 bridges in a single city is hard to imagine, but I do thank you for the aerial link.

  • My hometown of Hamburg, Germany is said to have more bridges than Venice – please excuse, as I cannot confirm it, so far.

    Great pictures. Please have a good Sunday.

  • Isn't that amazing? Your photos are lovely.

  • fascinating place

  • Wonderful bridge shots.

  • Very interesting! Its a huge number of bridges… Amazing.

  • 1500 bridges – wow that astonishing. The bridges and the canals look charming and fascinating and amazingly clean with no floating rubbish or other debris.

  • Good shots Indrani…i hope you had a nice time in Amsterdam.

    Greetings, Joop

  • Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. The canals, the bridges, the gabled houses and the lovely people all created a wonderful impression on my mind. Your pictures have really done justice to the place.

  • Excellent photos, I like how you have captured the beauty of the channels on a gray day. Greetings.

  • I love the way to see the images of someone who didn't grew up and lived in amsterdam. Because sometimes as inhabitant you don't see the beauty of it but only the troubles. But you did a remarkable job. Well done.

  • Wow , your pictures show us the beauty of these waterways .

  • beautiful pics, I will be going there end of this year so will see them myself 🙂


  • I really like the one with six bridges in the frame.

  • Lovely pictures, making me feel, when will I visit this place? :-).
    Never mind, reading your blog gives some comfort.

  • And I am struggling every weekend to find yet another bridge! Very few of them in Barcelona.

  • I've been in both of the cities, but did not know that Amsterdam had sooo many bridges! although I didn't stay long enough to see them- in Amsterdam.. unfortunately..

    Lovely photos! 🙂

  • That's a whole lot of bridges. I like the one shot with them cascading along the canal. Hopefully that prevents backups on the roads. Where I used to work there weren't too many bridges and traffic was horrible. – Margy

  • people using boats like cars… should experience sometime

  • wow!! this is beautiful!1 and that aerial image was awesome!!! hope i can go there someday!

  • did not know this. Fantastic! I wonder If its better to speand lot of time here, I understand Venice is too crowded

  • The contents are really good…

  • Thank you for these photos. Your images capture the magic of a place I have read about often. You make me feel I am there.

  • Truly amazing! Thanks for the 'aerial' link.

  • I was there last week! The pictures are really amazing.. for someone who comes from a city deprived of water bodies, the experience of finding a canal everywhere is just incredible!

  • This is indeed so amazing! Tough to burn bridges there! 😉

  • This Post reminds me the typical structures we saw in Dusseldorf.. Beautiful Photography, Indrani!

  • Canals & Amsterdam are inseparable. Amsterdam is an incredible city that way. Next to Venice of course.

    Your photos brought back so many memories, and are tempting me to go there again.

  • Amsterdam is such pretty city. Need to visit soon so that I can experience all that it has to offer.

  • 1500 is something. This certainly is the ‘city of bridges’…loved the picture of series of arches.

  • Jyothi D'mello
    2 years ago

    Truly Amazing x

  • Beautiful photos and description. 1500 sounds almost unreal!

  • I am planning Amsterdam early June. Hopefully it will work out and I can revisit after so many years.

  • Nice post as always Indrani! I have been planning to visit Netherlands; but it has not happened yet:( Hope I can visit soon.

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    1500 bridges in a city ? really amazing !! we can have this number in a state . I think Delhi would not have more than 100 ! One special thing that I observed from your photographs , each bridge has its unique structure !!

  • Amsterdam is a wonderful place to be at. I had really enjoyed my time when I had been there years ago!

  • Wow!
    I can imagine how excited you were to pass through those bridges. Now, let me go look up pictures of how these canals look at night.
    I enjoyed the pictures so very much. Thank you, Indrani. 🙂

  • Have always loved Amsterdam and its canals. I have spent a lot of time in the Keisergracht area, and still remember the museums’ the walks, and the intercultural weather as if it was yesterday.

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