This happened while taking a walk in the banks of the Kabini backwaters.

Thick growth of trees and plants make the walk easy even at 11 and 12 at noon and there I was simply looking at this nature. It was healing and calming. The rustle and crackle of dried leaves under my feet was like music to my ears. But then suddenly, there was a distracting rustle among the dry leaves… as if some creature was trying to flee the stamp of my mighty foot. I stood still, very much afraid now to put the next step. What could it be? A snake? If it was a snake I better flee. I mustered up some courage and put my next step… no sound…Then the next step and I saw it, staring innocently at me. I smiled to myself, ‘How could I be scared of this tiny fellow?’

Can you spot him? He is so well camouflaged. At least can you guess who he is? And as I continued my walk I came across another well camouflaged creature, sitting cosy in the bark of a tree. This should be easy to guess and spot. Let me know your guesses, you will have the answers soon.

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