Camel’s Eyes

At Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer, we got our long cherished camel ride. It was a bumpy ride, amazed at how high we were on top of a camel.

With so many camels around, how could I miss the opportunity of taking a few close shots of the camel! Camels are good tempered, patient and intelligent, at least that is what I thought of them. So I approached the camel of a young boy and with his permission started taking some shots of the camel’s face, then its eyes. It looked so docile, large eyes with a doe-like expression.

The camels’ eyes are protected by a double row of long curly eyelashes to keep out the sand and dust. Its thick bushy eyebrows shield the eyes from fierce hot sun. Now I wanted to take a good macro shot of the double row of eyelashes, but the camel won’t be still. The boy kept encouraging me, “It will not harm you, Madam.” The boy even tried to hold its face still, but the camel decided it was not going to cooperate anymore and brought out its folded fore legs to get in to standing mode. I fled, my camera was more precious.

That is me on a memorable camel ride.

We witnessed a camel race too.

Praying Mantis
The Demoiselle Cranes of Khichan, near Jodhpur

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  • Wow, a fascinating look at a fascinating creature. Thanks for sharing.


  • Such beautiful photos! I’ve tried riding one before but it was in a Zoo. I hope to try again one in that field of sand! 🙂

    Mine is, HERE. Happy Weekend!!

  • Now I would like to see a baby camel…

  • wow, great post!

  • These are truly spectacular photos! My favorites are the one of your shadow, the one right above that, and the last one! AWESOME!

  • I’ve heard those camel rides are bumpy…now you’ve confirmed it! Nice shots of what must have been a memorable time. Thanks for stopping by Spatter…

  • Thanks for sharing something most of us will never experience.
    I have to agree with Misty – I love the shadow shot!

  • I love the shadow shot. Those camels are a lot thinner than the ones we have in a local game park.

  • Oh neat… wonderful captures of the camel. I have never been soooo close to these awesome creatures!
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  • It seems crying this camel !

    Very nice photos !

    Th shadow sot is beautiful…

  • Great photos. Thanks for sharing!
    Take care and have a GREAT weekend.

  • That first picture is beautiful! I also really like the last one. We rarely see camels “naked”

  • Beautiful photos. Camels are really not the most gracefull of animals, but their eyes are just lovely.

  • This is great! I’ve never ridden a camel. I like the close-ups on the eye.

  • I really enjoyed these photos! I have a thing about camels, especially the whole taxonomic relationship between so-called Old World and New World (S. American) ones. Very interesting fossil record about them. In that last photo, they look to me like they could use a good long meal off that bush – or are they naturally kind of gaunt?

  • A very different critter. Excellent close ups.

  • nice blog post about camels!

    do you sit on the humps of the camels? how does it feel like to sit on the humps? shaky?

  • beautiful captures of the desert beauty!

  • Beautiful eyes they have! It must have been fun riding. 🙂

  • great capture! what a gorgeous set of photos. I love the eyes too, beautiful…

  • Wonderful photos. I love the shadow shot!

  • I believe they are prone to spitting their displeasure. They are remarkable creatures.

  • Thanks for sharing these great photos. Camels are very interesting animals. It must have been a wonderful experience to ride one.

  • Beautiful shots! I like the one with the kids on the back of the camel, and it looks like it is trying to sniff the camera!
    You must have been high up too.
    I’ve heard it’s scary when they go down again, begause it’s front legs go first.

  • great unusual pictures Sandy

  • Great shots! I’ve never seen a camel, except for once in a zoo.

  • Wish the camel had taken a picture of you when you fled! 🙂
    I liked the shadow pic best!
    I came across this description of camels – tall, with long legs, full lips, large eyes with long eyelashes…

  • Camels and intelligent? Are they? The shots of the eyes are beautiful, and the shadow one too.

    You fled, not thinking of yourself, but your camera? 🙂 A passionate photographer indeed.

    Lovely post, Indrani

  • spectacular favourite is the shadow besides the eys of course yes, the camera is quite

  • Been waiting for the camel pictures. Good work. Solemnly would agree that they are intelligent and respectful. Even with so much persuasion, it refused to wink at a lady!

  • It seems that you love animal a lot….very few people dare to capture camel’s image as they think that this animnal is not beautiful…But you proved them wrong….nice captue…..

  • Wow.. camels are incredible creatures and you’ve captured them beautifully. What an amazing adventure.

  • Beautiful shots indeed !

  • I love camels! They look like ours here in Niger. I’m glad I found your blog, have always wanted to go discover Asia (India in particular) but life is short as I am discovering!

  • I also like camels, I have riden a couple, its is a strange feeling, the hardest part is when the beast stands up and you get thrown forward, I so nearly went right over the camels head!
    Your blog is so interesting, I must return now and again. I also liked the fantastic building in the next entry.

  • This is all very exciting! Good for you!

  • Good camel! I wonder if he cried while u took his picture. heheehe

    Had an one and only experience too in China. It was a scary for the first time.

  • Wonderful story and photos! The eyes are very interesting!

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