Brown Bear Antics With Tree Trunk

If you are visiting Kufri with children, the mini zoo there is an ideal place to visit. From Anala Outdoors, the resort where we were staying, the zoo was hardly a kilometer. Zoo, of course is a place where you will see many animals and it may seem nothing very memorable, but this trip was made memorable for me by a cute little bear!

The bear was in a playful mood with a tree trunk. His antics went on for more than 5 minutes and that gave us a golden opportunity to click several pictures. Again it was one of those moments when I had to tear myself away from the scene and watch it through the eyehole of camera. You miss a lot that way. The simple pleasure of watching it live is lot more than the watching the captured frames at home.

Bears are often picturised with tree trunks. Seeing this fellow’s antics the figurines, paintings and drawings made sense why they are shown thus.

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