British Airways Flies you Home With Love

Indians become a bag of emotions when it comes to parting and meeting up with near and dear ones! Thousands of Indians emigrate to foreign lands every year. In spite of the long distance that separates them they make it a point to visit India during festivals and ceremonies. And if that is happening after months and years of separation, it is seriously a tear jerking experience. Mind you; it is infectious too, for you will find yourself wiping away a tear or two if not more.

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I witnessed a bidai (parting of daughter after marriage) recently, she was going abroad with her husband. Such a happy occasion and we should have been all smiles but seeing the relatives weeping over the impending parting, tears welled up I my eyes too!

Homecoming with British Airways

Bollywood movies have for long cashed on these touching moments and churned out hits after hits. Indians grab every opportunity (read festival) to meet up with the ones they have deep bond and mutual respect with those back home. They are remembered and missed. Talk of festivals and they are an excited lot, noisy and chirpy! The euphoria of these festivals, the traditions of the day, receiving loads of love and loving back is something that is to be experienced to fully understand. Homecoming on such occasions is always heartwarming!

Parting is a heavily loaded affair, both in terms of emotions and luggage. Setting the matters of heart aside, you must notice their luggage. When you see somebody leaving India the luggage is filled with maa ke haath ka bana khana (read home made food). Need I mention about the love for food that Indians have! Every mom stashes the bags with home cooked food that is made with so much love and care to last long. And when some body is returning to India the luggage is filled with gifts for all near and dear ones.

British Airways has gauged these factors well. The flight meals are packed with flavors of home, so much so that homecoming begins even before you set foot at home. Watch this heartwarming video below:

Fueled by love; British Airways knows India and has customized its product and service to suit the Indian customers. British Airways has been flying to India for over 90 years and currently operates 49 flights a week from London Heathrow to five cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

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