Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara, West Bengal

There are 4 precious terracotta temples in Guptipara Temple Complex. Main temple is Brindavan Chandraji’s Temple. To its left is Krishna Chandraji’s Temple and one  on the right is Ramchandra Temple. When we visited only Brindavan Chandraji’s Temple was open. The purohit (priest) was offering morning prayers.

Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara

Brindavan Chandra Temple houses idols of Lord Jaganath, Balaram and Subhadra. Rath Yatra is the most celebrated festival here. Idols are carried in rath (chariot) to Masir Badi (aunt’s house), Gopal Temple at Burrabazar, Guptipara, on this day. For 7 days the idols are worshiped in this temple (which I could visit, sorry no pics of that) after that the idols are brought back to the home temple, that is Brindavan Chandra Mandir. This part of the festival is called ulto rath.

Brindavan Chandraji's Temple Guptipara

Brindavan Chandra Temple Guptipara

Sharing with you some more pictures of Brindavan Chandra Math Guptipara. While the facades are covered with beautiful terracotta panels, the interiors have beautiful frescoes. Most of the patterns and paintings exist from 17th century and are faint and the place is dimly lit. Photography here can be a little tricky.

Lord Krishna Brindavan Chandra Mandir

Guptipara Krishna Temple

Interiors of Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara

Fine paintings adorn the walls and ceilings of this temple. Surprisingly the space around is very narrow… just two to three feet in distance. The ceiling is arched in this part and walls right up to ceiling are covered with scenes from Lord Krishna’s life story. Sadly most of it is fading away. The temple definitely requires a restoration work. I wish the West Bengal tourism department took up the work of restoration and renovation seriously and quickly.

Paintings on ceilings of Brindavan Chandra Temple

Narrow ceiling of Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara

Paintings on Walls of Brindavan Chandra Temple

Chaitanya Deva Temple

Yet another temple exists in this complex.  It is the Chaitanya Deva temple. Bishwar Roy built this temple in the mid-sixteenth century. This is the oldest of the four temples, you can find it at left side, interior part of the fortified complex. You will find a few statues displayed here.

Chaitanya Deva Temple Guptipara

Chaitanya Deva Temple at the extreme corner

Chaitanya Deva Temple Guptipara


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