Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

Today we were at Bratislava, Slovakia. It was cool one and half hour drive from Vienna. The first place we targeted to see was Bratislava Castle. A snow white rectangular structure perched on a small hill, it was visible from miles away as we were entering the city. There is no parking facility around so we had to park our car downhill and walk up along the marked path.

This castle was devastated by fire in 1811, today’s version is the rebuilt form of the castle during 1953 to 1968. We walked up getting glorious views of Danube river flowing down beside the hill. Our thrill died down soon because the castle was closed for further renovation. The museum too was closed. Lucky future tourists!

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30 Responses

  1. Ishtar says:

    Don't we just LOVE a beautiful blue sky??

  2. Sylvia K says:

    Gorgeous skies and terrific captures as always, Indrani! I particularly love the last shot and your composition! Superb! Enjoy your weekend! Look forward to more photos of your trip!


  3. Gary says:

    Too bad. But the pics are great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. A very informative post and great shots. Well done!

  5. This is WAY COOL … not only your sky photos, but the whole castle and the walk up to it. I would love to go there someday, but I most likely won't be able too, so I really appropriate your telling us about it.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.
    Central Oregon USA

  6. that is so very nicely captured. the castle and the backdrop of lovely cheerful cloudscape is fantastic.


  7. chubskulit says:

    Such gorgeous captures.

    My Skywatch, please come and see.

  8. Kim, USA says:

    That's an amazing shot!! I so love to see castles and know the history, it's really cool! Happy weekend!

    Sky Watch

  9. Lesley says:

    what a shame. such a lovely day for castle visiting! lucky you that it not so vary far away to go back.

  10. eileeninmd says:

    Beautiful shots, Indrani! The sky is very pretty!

  11. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful castle and a lovely blue sky! Hope you are enjoying yourself.

  12. So pretty!!

    Would you mind visiting and commenting on my Sky Watch post? Big thanks!

  13. alicesg says:

    Did you manage to meet Prince Charming and her princess in the castle? The skyphoto is beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

  14. Joyful says:

    Lovely. I love the red pop of colour against the blue sky.

  15. I am so envious of you. Thanks for sharing these post. Looking forward to read more…


  16. LauraX says:

    I so enjoy traveling the world with you Indrani through your beautiful photos, thank you!

  17. Ebie says:

    The clouds and blue sky serve as a beautiful backdrop of the Castle. What a great day to be touring with you.

  18. Pietro says:

    Very beautiful views and good text, Indrani. Thanks for sharing your nice trip!

  19. Oh no!!! 🙁 I'd really so irritating when we reach a destination only to see it closed!!! 🙁
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  20. Krishna says:

    Hi indrani

    wonderful building


  21. Onkar says:

    I loved the clouds floating in the backdrop.

  22. Binky says:

    Too bad the castle was closed. Interesting statues on the gate posts.

  23. Ash says:

    One word – Amazing!

  24. arabesque says:

    i hope to see more of your future travel photos.
    sorry to hear about the renovation,
    i've experienced that too, it can be disappointing, but i hope the tour was still worth it. ^0^

  25. Carver says:

    That's a beautiful place. I'm sorry you couldn't go in but you got some great shots.

  26. Avvoltoio says:

    beautiful castle i wish to get here once

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