Boutique and Mid-segment Hotels in Bangalore

Continuing my series on hotels of Bangalore, this post is on boutique hotels and mid segment hotels in Bangalore. There was a time in 2007-08 when accommodation prices rose up to Rs20,000 a night. There was a severe scarcity of good hotels and accommodation facilities in the just emerging high tech city Bangalore then. Industrial sector had slowed down a bit, but the rush to city for new business ventures never slowed. Add to that there is tremendous increase in quality of specialized fields in treatment of ailments, which is giving rise to Medical Tourism. Hotel industry of Bangalore has judged this requirement well and has done well to utilize this opportunity to expand its wings.

Boutique Hotels in Bangalore

Hotel operators are expanding their business and developing new concepts to compete and thrive in this field. One new concept that is gaining popularity and demand is the boutique hotels in Bangalore that exude quality. These are exclusive property both in the heart of the city as well as in the peripherals that cater to different budget segments of client. They offer exceptional level of services at premium rates. There is a good combination of affordable luxury and home comfort. And also combining state-of-the-art business and recreational facilities in a boutique hotel setting. Boutique hotels in Bangalore, I find are unique in character. They are distinctively charming, while some are quirky, cutting-edge, and some trendy, some others funky or classic; all characteristics cater to different interests of travelers. The hospitality industry sector of Bangalore has raised its standards just has the customers have varied their interests while traveling.

Hotels in Bangalore

Mid-segment Hotels in Bangalore

There has been a spurt in the number of branded mid segment hotels in Bangalore. For the past one year this sector has seen a significant growth partly due to the Centre extending the ‘Tourist Visa on Arrival‘ scheme. This is available in Bangalore airport to foreigners arriving from 11 countries. Thus there is a good demand of good hotel rooms due to increase in inflow of tourists to the city. Multiple brands have mushroomed suiting different budgets of the travelers. Cost of rooms could be Rs.4000 to 8000 per night. Each hotel is distinct, meaning each offer different facility catering to different affordability level of the customer.

The market which was earlier ruled and dominated by 5 star and luxury hotels is slowly giving way to mid segment hotels. The mid range hotels are as good as the luxury ones, only they differ in terms of size. A full fledged mid range hotel will have only 40 to 50 rooms compared to 300 to 400 rooms in luxury hotel. They take care to offer their uniqueness especially to the foreign business travelers and tourists. Thus brand loyalty remains and they return back again and again to only them.

Hotel bookings in Bangalore is now easy and pleasant experience. Whichever the hotel, one factor is common, they ensure your stay is relaxing and indulged with leisure. They make sure that you emerge invigorated after your holiday or work related stay!

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