Birds in Bangalore – Parrots

It was the loud squawking and shrieking that brought me out to my balcony. Perched on the Silverwood tree right in front of my balcony were two parrots. The vocalizations of some parrots can be heard for up to 1 mile. And these two too were audible from far.

One interesting fact about parrots is they do not have vocal chords. They have amazing control of their trachea and they produce sound by pushing air out of it. They change the pitch by altering the shape and depth of their trachea.

Two red beaked green parrots swaying in the topmost branches of the tree, they gave me queer looks as soon as I sneaked into my balcony with my camera. The green parrots with red beaks looked so terrific against the clear blue sky. Bangalore, the garden city of India is turning in to concrete jungle, with chaos and pollution. Under such circumstances sights like this is a blessing!

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