Shubho Bijoya Dashami Message to All, Durga Puja Ends!

Finally the five day festival of Durga Puja is over. After the long battle with demon Mahisasur, on this Bijoya Dashami day Goddess Durga leaves for Kailasa, her marital abode. The idol of Goddess Durga and her four children are immersed in water; often a tearful farewell. Friends greet each other with a hug and wish “Shubho Bijoya!” meaning “The Auspicious Victory”.

Today the sky looked gorgeous. Sunbeams diverged from behind the clouds; my daughter got this spectacular view of Crepuscular rays.

Bijoya Dashami

Shubho Bijoya to all my friends reading this! It is time to hug your friends and wish them. Feed sweets to all and eat them too!

Two beautiful Shubho Bijoya sms I received are:

“Dhaker Awaj Mileye Galo,Pujo Holo Sesh.
Prane Tomar Jagiye Rekho Ei Khushir Resh..!
Subho Bijoya!


Bisarjan Mane Abar Asbe Phire,
Khusi Thakuk Sarbada Tomay Ghire.
Dasamir Atmiyata,Ektu Mistimukh.
Bondhoner Eito Boro Sukh.



Happy Diwali!
Pujo Bhog, Community Lunch, Durga Puja

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