Better Way With Yoga Tablet

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Just a year and half back I was a 100% desk top person. Tablets were being launched in the market, one model after another by different companies as if there is no tomorrow. I being the old fashioned dinosaur hesitated to pick one. I felt it was something the rich wanted to show, a luxury item. Not surprising because it took me very long to become a techno-writer and give up the conventional pen and paper.

Whenever I saw a tablet user engrossed in the screens I used to be curious what they are watching and my devilish mind often concluded it had to be iPorn stuff. Amidst all these feelings I always felt the need for a portable laptop (it took some time to realize a tablet is the answer to my needs).

Giant leap for mankind!
Then iPad 5th gen came into my life. It was “giant leap of mankind” like experience for me!

Cool new technology! My everyday life changed. I found myself using it for purposes for which I had exclusively used desk top once. Some of my regular uses of a tablet are internet related tasks, mails and text messages; ease to do quick research; one of the best navigation system (I in fact gave directions from the back seat of the taxi from airport to my hotel. The driver was a local guy. At the end of the journey he asked me how I knew the place well as I was not a resident of the city.) With the tablet I knew he couldn’t ferry me off any where.

The other girly things: Shop online, Compare prices, Gather product info, and Make umpteen purchases. Once I got the taste of ‘comfort’ there was no looking back.

At family front too, the tablets have engaged kids whenever I have been time tied, thanks to the numerous apps, they never seem to loose the novelty, the educational value of the tablet is unquestionable, honestly I envy the kids of present day who are exposed all new kid friendly gadgets.

The physical attributes too are good. It fitted very well into my hand bag; light in weight; Screen is clear and responsive and Battery lasts long.

My misadventures with my tablet are many. 

Just like any obsession has its side effects, my obsession with my tablet too proved costly. I was addicted to checking if the newer version of my tablet appeared in market / if no I was happy, I still am the proud owner of the latest model / if yes, I would scan the features to see if it was worth having. I didn’t realize when it became a habit!

Once I almost sold off my husband’s latest wrist watch in quikerdotcom to get the newer version of tablet. He was lucky to stop me in time; of course he had to do a lot of pleading and convincing for that.

My tablet has helped feed my hungry family when I was busy completing offshore assignments.
A couple of times my kid reached school without doing homework. For that, me, the mama was paraded and blamed. I in turn blamed the tablet. Like a zombie, eyes glued to screen, scanning for various offers I would forget the flow of time.

Yet another occasion I blamed the tablet was for ‘forgetting to go to school to pick up my kid’. I lost track of time as I got engrossed in my tablet. When I reached school I found my kid wailing at the top of her voice and no amount of comforting by the kind teacher there helped. I couldn’t look into the eyes of the teacher to say a proper ‘thank you!’

I have now stopped being judgmental about mothers who thrust a tablet in child’s hand and go shopping, because I do it occasionally. Not all ads and pop ups are kid friendly.

#Better Way. I do have great expectations!
I have never used a Lenovo Yoga Tablet, but I do expect it to perform in a better way than the traditional tablets in more than one aspect.

First of all, let me admit I have got bored with looks and single posture mode of traditional tablet. I want something more sleek, more flexible yet firm, in short be able to prop it up the way I want. The optional wireless key board feature is tempting.

My tab has saved me from presenting an empty dinner table as I could order food while finishing off my official assignments. But did I mention the number of times the dinner table would have been empty as I had burnt food while busy meeting a dead line. If there is a better way the Lenovo Yoga tablet could perform, I would like it to act as a reminder. I wish it would throw up some kind of prompt to remind me that ‘I left cooking something on stove’ or ‘how much time has elapsed since I last left the tablet’. That would also help to prevent overheating the tablet.

I have this ambitious plan to slim down and for that I have more expectations from Lenovo Yoga tablet. You are permitted to ask how? The tab can help by keeping a check on my calorie consumption. Something like: “Ma’am, you have just crossed the limit of ordering junk food.” Or even a good willed suggestion like: “You should order some healthy salads for dinner.” I wonder if the tablet can have a calorie calculator which will calculate the calories ordered from restaurant in a month. What could be a better way than this to maintain figure!

While I have full appreciation for the ease of shopping, please can I expect a prompt on overspending? “Beep beep beeeeep” a red glow reminding me of crossing my budget. I expect my tab to keep track of my online expenditure. I want hassle free download of apps both free and paid ones from web store. The apps should be such that one is able to use the tab effectively to one’s advantage and not merely become slave to it.

Will it be asking for too much that I want the audio and video settings should be good in ‘stand mode’ for movies? Strictly speaking an ideal tablet should have this. And since I travel a lot, I want the tab to behave well in camera mode, high definition pictures, I want it suitable for video chat, the battery shouldn’t conk off with few pics or in between a movie, and have latest updated google map. Overall it should offer good value for money!

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  • A good write up.Best wishes in the contest.

  • Lovely post dear! All the best 🙂

  • Loved the honesty in the post! Lovely…all the best for the contest!

  • Kept smiling all the way through the post. Being a one time dinosaur myself, the story seemed all mine (except the cooking part). ATB.

  • That is a great compliment, thank you Shaivi.

    Saket, i am a kind of person who resists change, but with these tabs once I overcame the initial hesitation, it was addiction with gadgets. Lenovo does have some interesting features worth acquiring. 🙂

    Many thanks for the wishes Parthasarathi and Bushra!

  • all the best for the contest.. i too envy my kids. in our time an ordinary hand video game was a luxury.. but now :(. to say my its my tab in my home as i gt it as gift but i hardly have access to it

  • Loved it! Imagine if the tablet could tell us when we overate :)ANd Btw, you def. do NOT need to slim down 🙂

  • I think this is a refreshing diversion in your blog Indrani. Much appreciated. Cheers.


  • Loved the post! specially the pictures. The dinosaur one is amazing 😀
    Best wishes for the contest 🙂

  • Smitha we are in the same boat. I have no 'me time' with my tab and then when I get it I am like addicted to it. Thanks for the wishes.

    Seeta, that kind of apps will keep a check on my random ordering on line. 🙂 regarding figures you are not aware of vital statistics… ;))) thank you for the comment.

    Thank you so much Sammya. 🙂

    So glad you liked the pics, I had fun making the post. Thank you Bhavya for the wishes. 🙂

  • They are so comfortable, and for the everyday user, tablets work the best!

  • Loved the 'misadventures' part of the post… charming in it's straight-forwardness.

    Arvind Passey

  • good one, a very practical post…the graphics are good specially the cute dino 🙂

  • All the best Indrani….

  • Yes Aathira, I fully agree.

    Thank you Arvindji for the compliments, I am glad you liked my misadventures. 🙂

    Thank you Prasad. About the dino, I could relate myself to only that in terms of modern gadgets. 🙂

    Many thanks dear Athena. 🙂

  • Interesting and informative. Good Luck !

  • That's a nice write-up..cute photos as well..

    Kids nowadays are much more advanced and knowledgeable than we were at our times..they are so much tech-savvy that sometimes I envy them 🙁

  • Loved your blog post, especially the interesting visuals… 🙂
    All the best!!

  • "the tablets have engaged kids whenever I have been time tied" I just love this line and also it's very suitable for me. I always try this at home with my kid 🙂
    Best Wishes for the contest.

  • I could not help laughing out loud knowing how your hubby had to struggle to keep his watch. Lovely read Indrani.

  • Thank you Ramakrishnan sir!

    Things have improved over time. We had better facilities compared to our parents, our children have innovations better than ours. Tabs too keep improving Lenovo Yoga Tablet is an example of that. Thank you Maniparna for the lovely comment.

    Many thanks Canary! 🙂

    Bharati we are in the same boat. Thanks to these tabs for allowing us some 'me time'. Thank you for the wishes! 🙂

    He is careful with his stuffs these days Farida. 😀 I am glad you loved reading the post.

  • Nicely written 🙂 All the best for the contest..

  • lovely post. all the best 🙂

  • I haven't seen you writing as good as you did here…. such beautiful flow of words…u should try fiction writing too

  • These are the features which almost all want 🙂 !
    Good one .
    That dino pic is cute … and btw Kids shud hav restricted web access – I pointed out the same in my post
    gd lck

  • All the best Indrani ma'm 🙂

  • Thank you Bhawya, aRat and Karanvir.

    Thank you Ritesh for the compliments on my writing. I am not sure about fiction writing though. 🙂

    Thank you Afshan and I agree with you about kids' restricted access to web.

  • I am late in commenting but all the best dear for the contest! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Pallavi! 🙂

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