Best of 2013

For Thursday Challenge the theme for this week is ‘Best of 2013’. So here I am sharing the best of mine. This was taken in Chikmagalur during my visit there in Aug 2013. Initially I just liked this picture of mine, later it became my favorite. I had casually put it up in my Facebook Page: Onward journey by Indrani Ghose,  within a week it received 100+ likes.No other photo of mine has crossed century of likes! When it got so many likes I started to believe it must be a good photo. It has mist, so I guess it has mystery. It has a winding path. The bare tree trunks stand mutely! And there are rain drops on the window pane of the car through which I took the pic. It is a drive by shot.

Best of 2013, drive by shot
Faces of India - 140
Faces of India - 139

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