Bern Cathedral Door

The supreme attraction of Bern Cathedral is its door at the main entrance. The Gothic sculptures over the main portal depict the Last Judgement. It is so well detailed and shows the separation of good and the wicked.

Click to enlarge the pic and see, to the right are the wicked depicted naked and in the left are the righteous clothed in white. In the center stands Micheal the Archangel with a raised sword. The angel is shown pulling the beard of a wicked character and the emotions so well expressed through these sculptures. There are 170 small figures, all original. A wire mesh provided, I guess it is to prevent pigeons settling on them. So much to see!

Now, the credits to the sculptor: This famous panel was made by the sculptor, Erhard Küng from Stadtlohn, Germany. These were carved between the years 1460 to 1501.

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