Belfry of Mechelen, Belgium – a World Heritage Site

I included Mechelen in my itinerary of tour of Belgium because the belfry of Mechelen, Belgium is listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are 32 belfries in Belgium and France, yet they all are included and counted as one single site. This is the 4th Belfry of Belgium I visited. The other 3 are: Belfry of Tournai, Belfry of Bruges and Belfry of Ghent.

The present day town hall of Mechelen has a grand façade. It is a pity the town hall is incomplete in construction. Right part of the building couldn’t be completed because of lack of funds. During 1500s the left part of the building housed the high court of United Netherlands. During the 1400s the rightmost part of the building was trading place for cloth business.

 Belfry of Mechelen, Belgium

belfry of Mechelen, Belgium

Due to wars the business declined and the building could never be completed. For the next two hundred years the belfry in the middle was left incomplete. It was provided with a roof in the sixteenth century. Even in its state of incompleteness I found the façade amazingly beautiful! Imagine the magnificence had it been completed!

Late arrival to the city of Mechelen meant we couldn’t see any the interiors of the 8 churches or the town halls. The stunning facades are free to be seen and photographed.

St. Rumbold’s Cathedral, Mechelen

St. Rumbold’s Cathedral stands tall in spite of not being built to its original intended height 60m taller than the present height.

The tower measures 97m. Here is one view as I looked straight up.

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