Batti Bandh Mumbai: The Lights Off Campaign

Frankly I am not a very eco-conscious person, but when ever I hear about innovative ideas and events to protect the world and make it greener, it makes me anxious, excited, wishful and what not. Mumbaikars have announced their Batti Bandh program. This Bandh for once is definitely welcome as it is not like the ones called by the political parties every other day.

The event: Batti Bandh
Date: 15th Dec 2007
Time: 1930hrs to 2030hrs
Plan of action: switch off lights and appliances in your home, shop, office, school, college or where ever you are in Mumbai.
Purpose: To take a stand against global warming.
Inspired by: Earth Hour in Sydney.

Imagine a live city like Mumbai to be in darkness for one hour! I wish the event organizers a smashing mega success.

Yes, why not have a similar green movement in Bangalore. May be we can organize one Gaadi Bandh event too. Today communication is a matter of a few clicks. With ‘n’ number of social sites, youngsters and office goers tethered to their laptops, it is a matter of a few days when the whole of Bangalore will be aware of the program. Time to start the countdown for Bangalore Batti Bandh!

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4 Responses to “Batti Bandh Mumbai: The Lights Off Campaign

  • Great idea! Wish you good luck with the Gaadi Bandh – someone will have to take the initiative. Wish the Mumbaikars best wishes as well.

  • Batti Bandh is a welcome idea…Gaadi Bandh is needed in Bangalore. For people like me who enjoy a good walk once in a while, gaadi bandh would be an added bonus.

    Takes care of Global Warming, Health, the purse strings etc.

    Atta Mumbai for showing the way!

  • perhaps we can add up a lot more if we just ensure to switch off our ignitions on red lights and amidst traffic jams…that will be a lot more value addition on regular basis than one day’s batti bandh or gaadi bandh…Mamta Pahuja

  • A swell idea…why not have ‘rent-a- cycle stands’ in place of the traffic junctions. Bengaloorians can sweat it out as well.

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