Lisbon’s Colorful Tiles – Azulejos

Lisbon’s colorful tiles on walls and facades of buildings and houses are bound to grab your attention even if you are there for a short time. These colorful tiles are not just in churches and palaces, even residents have these ‘blue and white’ and other colorful tiles for construction and decoration. And they were in use till early 20th century. After a brief lull Lisbon’s colorful tiles are back in use. When Lisbon was awarded Expo ‘98, the city authorities worked out plans to highlight this feature of Lisbon city. Today you will find newer wall designs with colorful tiles that have come up in subways and cafes.

During my walking tour of Alfama region of Lisbon I came across so many facades adorned with colorful Portuguese tiles. I clicked so may of them that I have now ended up making a post on it.

Lisbon's Colorful TilesColorful Tiles_Lisbon 1Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_2

Two Types of Colorful Tiles


These colorful tiles are called Azulejos. These have been in use in Portugal since 15th century. They stand out in the world cultural heritage for their special depth of design and color. Initially they were used to keep the houses cooler. But soon the practical purpose got replaced with aesthetic value. Each of the tiles then was hand painted. The oldest designs were mostly in 2 colors – blue and white. They often depict some story or scene. The blue and white ones are obviously much sober and soothing to eyes.

Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_5Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_6


Then there are geometric patterns on tiles. When placed one after another, the façade acquires a grand appearance. It seemed as if owners spent a lot on this for appearance alone. There is so much similarity with those found in mosques and palaces.

Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_8

Caution with Lisbon’s Colorful Tiles

Theft and vandalism of these antique colorful tiles is common. Local watch groups have documented these losses and many of them have been traced to flea markets. Before you make a purchase of Lisbon’s colorful tiles as souvenirs to take back home be sure of its authenticity.

Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_9Colorful Tiles_Lisbon_10

These pictures are from Lisbon, mostly from Alfama region. Various designs can be seen in other cities of Portugal too. I found similar examples during tour of Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Seeing the amazing varieties of designs with Lisbon’s colorful tiles I felt inspired. May be some day I will design a room with some colorful tiles!


Portuguese Pavement Tile Patterns
Beware of Pickpocket in Lisbon, Portugal

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    Sriram & Krithiga

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  • Yogi saraswat
    2 years ago

    What a beautiful place to visit . your pictures are saying lot of words specially first one of Peacock is really fantastic.

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    1 year ago

    I love the tiles. They looks so beautiful on those buildings! I would love to visit LIsbon and see them in person

  • I too love the tiles of Portugal – I’ve just come back from Porto and the North. Did you know they originated from when the Moors tried to invade Portugal!

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  • How gorgeous. I love tiles, especially hand painted ones and the azulejos look totally unique. I’d be so tempted to take some home as a souvenir but not if they’re stolen! That tiled peacock is stunning.

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  • I’m visiting Portugal in a couple of weeks, I’m glad I read this before going as you’ve given me some photographing inspiration! It’s an awful story that people steal these tiles and resell them in markets. Thanks for teaching me how to name them, Azulejos! I’m going to Porto so I expect the tile designs will be slightly different.

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  • Wow. So beautiful. I am most delighted to see the peacock. This part of Lisbon is often not documented. It is so unfortunate that such tiles are stolen. I thought Europe was better when it comes in such petty crimes.

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  • I love the mosaic tiles architecture of Europe. Loved it in Italy too. And I had no clue that Azulejos tiles have been in use in Portugal since 15th century. That’s brand new info for me. Thanks for sharing.

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