Australian White Ibis, from Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Ibises are of several kinds; this one is Australian white Ibis. It can be easily recognized because of its white plumage, bare black head and long black legs. The long down curved bill is common to all varieties of Ibis. They nest in groups and coexist well with other birds like spoonbills and herons.The species has been culled in parts of Sydney due to their smell and at times obtrusive nature. We did get a smell as we rowed around the islands where the birds were nesting, but that may be due to the mix of different birds and their poops. They have a very unpleasant croaking sound too.

Australian white Ibis

Ibises catch and eat small, usually aquatic, animals from fish and frogs to insects, shellfish, crabs and crayfish. The one in the first pic was taking its drink for a long time which enabled us to take good pics. The mommy birds feeding the little ones was interesting to watch. Wish I had taken a video.


Ibises in Flight, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
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