Augustusburg Castle, Bruhl, Germany

From Frankfurt we set off for Hasselt in Belgium. The plan was to see two UNESCO World Heritage sites on the way to Hasselt. The first one was the Castle of Augustusburg in Bruhl. The castle got this prestigious status because of it being among the first creations in unique Rococo style architecture in Germany. I had no clue what kind of architectural style that would be even after I read the facts of this castle. I was keen to see it for myself. The castle did look like a little jewel box, just as how Lonely Planet had mentioned.

As I approached the castle my story takes a different turn, it is because the doors are shut. ‘Castle remains closed on Monday’ I read on a board there. Amidst all planning I forgot to check the holidays of this site. ‘This is what happens when you plan the tour yourself’ I said to myself!

We roamed around for sometime, the church nearby too was closed, thankfully the gardens were open. I will be posting on that soon. We spotted some avians in the stream flowing near by. One particular moorhen was behaving a little aggressive. We didn’t realize we were approaching its nest. As we neared we saw a couple of eggs in it, white ones, slightly bigger than hens’ I thought. This was exciting; we soon forgot about the closed castle and got involved in taking pictures of the moorhen and its eggs.

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