Augustusburg Castle, Bruhl, Germany

From Frankfurt we set off for Hasselt in Belgium. The plan was to see two UNESCO World Heritage sites on the way to Hasselt. The first one was the Castle of Augustusburg in Bruhl. The castle got this prestigious status because of it being among the first creations in unique Rococo style architecture in Germany. I had no clue what kind of architectural style that would be even after I read the facts of this castle. I was keen to see it for myself. The castle did look like a little jewel box, just as how Lonely Planet had mentioned.

As I approached the castle my story takes a different turn, it is because the doors are shut. ‘Castle remains closed on Monday’ I read on a board there. Amidst all planning I forgot to check the holidays of this site. ‘This is what happens when you plan the tour yourself’ I said to myself!

We roamed around for sometime, the church nearby too was closed, thankfully the gardens were open. I will be posting on that soon. We spotted some avians in the stream flowing near by. One particular moorhen was behaving a little aggressive. We didn’t realize we were approaching its nest. As we neared we saw a couple of eggs in it, white ones, slightly bigger than hens’ I thought. This was exciting; we soon forgot about the closed castle and got involved in taking pictures of the moorhen and its eggs.

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23 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    It is beautiful castle and I do look forward to seeing more pics, but I LOVE the duck and her eggs! What wonderful captures and I'm certain it was fun being able to see this! It would have been for me, I know! Hope your week is going well, Indrani!!


  2. Carver says:

    Sometimes the unplanned sights can be unexpected delights. I enjoyed this post.

  3. Viola says:

    Lovely photos, here and under.. 🙂

    And wow, what a fantastic photo of the woman and the elephant! 🙂

  4. NixBlog says:

    Lovely shots, Indrani.

  5. magiceye says:

    now you have another reason to revisit!

    beautiful captures!

  6. Those eggs are magnificent in their own was as the castle is in its way. Great stuff.

  7. Anya says:

    Very well done
    lovely shot from those eggs 🙂

  8. Krishna says:

    Beautiful place and beautiful capture


  9. Leovi says:

    Good photos. Me too I love to visit this castle.

  10. VaishVijay says:

    Never-mind, next time you won't miss out when you plan your trips…it is good that those cute creatures distracted you from your disappointment:)

  11. Gattina says:

    Brühl I know very well, before moving to Belgium I lived in Bonn for 9 years and aftewards my parents went back to Germany near Brühl when my fathe retired. BTW apparently you didn't come to Brussels.

  12. Arti says:

    What a beautiful castle, grand and exotic!! Fantastic captures.

  13. A nice building, and, don't forget, you've left your eggs, 'cause they will get cold.

  14. Hi there I am just catching up om you recent posts some lovely scenes of your travels, the cherry blossom and that moon. Thanks also for all the support you give me on my photography blog.

  15. Rajesh says:

    Very nice castle.

  16. Compliments on your research and the eggs was a nice pic!

  17. Good spotting! You didn't go away empty handed!!

  18. Trotter says:

    Hi Indrani! Today is a holiday in Portugal, but it’s the worst winter day we had since last October… As grey as if we were living in Northern Europe… So, the only right thing to do is surfing the Net… 😉

    Amazing baroque…

    Blogtrotter Two is now in St. Kitts and Nevis… Enjoy and have a great week!!!

  19. Elettra says:

    I love castles, I'd get one, I know I ask too much!! AH! AH! AH!

  20. Pietro says:

    Fantastic castel, Indrani. Very nice sequence of pictures!

  21. Spiderdama says:

    Beautiful castle and with great details. I will like to visit this place. Great pictures

    Happy weekend to you:-)

  22. Unplanned ecstasy ! Castle looks magnificent from the outside.

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