Visit to Atomium Brussels Belgium

Visit to Atomium Brussels will top your itinerary if you are traveling with family there! It was at a distance of 8kms in Brussels where we stayed yet we left for Atomium early to beat the queues. The ticket counter at Atomium Brussels was just beginning to get crowded, lucky for us we didn’t have to wait for long. Those few minutes we would have looked up several times thinking “we had to get to the top of this revolutionary structure.” Seeing Atomium in pictures and seeing in real is such a contrast! The lift took us straight to topmost sphere. Great views all around from there.

Visit to Atomium Brussels

The Bruparck theme park (pic above) was clearly visible. The park has miniature versions of more than 300 famous buildings of European Union including Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower and more. Since we had already seen them in real the Bruparck theme park didn’t hold  any attraction for my kids. They are built in a scale of 1: 25. It might give you the feel of Gulliver among Lilliputian buildings! We skipped this and preferred to spend more time inside Atomium.

View from Atomium Brussels

From this top most sphere we could visit other spheres using steep escalators. There are levels within the spheres where we used staircases. The huge tubes have escalators inside them. So unimaginable from its exteriors!

Lots of photo opportunities inside Atomium. They have designed the Atomium interiors so creatively, with lot of exhibits. If one were to go through all of them even 2 hours wouldn’t suffice to tour the Atomium interiors. A glance outside gives the feel how high above we were. Here is the view of the road leading to Atomium, our car parked somewhere in that row of parked cars and that is my reflection.


View you get from below the superstructure.

Opening times of Atomium Brussels

Check this up before you plan visit to Atomium Brussels.
Every day (365 / 365): from 10am until 6pm (ticket office closes at 5.30pm).
December 24th and 31st: from 10am until 4pm (the ticket office closes at 3.15pm).
December 25th and January 1st: from 12pm until 6pm (the ticket office closes at 5.30pm).

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