Asian Openbill-Stork

You will not fail to identify an Openbill Stork, if you see one in a huge flock of different species of storks. The reason is obvious: its peculiar huge bill with arching mandibles leaving a narrow open gap between them. They are grayish white with black in their wings.

We spotted few of them at Ranganathittu bird sanctuary. The chicks had very short bills and we found them clamoring around the mother bird each time she would come with a catch in her bills.

Their diet usually consists of frogs, crabs, large insects, snails and small living things. The unique structure of their bills help them to crack open the thick shell of the snails and separate the soft body. Their nests that we saw at close distance were just like a circular platform of twigs. The chicks were slightly grown up with new feathers and a face that only a mother can love. Do click on them to get a better view.

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