As Beautiful As Her Work

The civilized society today gives a lot of importance to “looking beautiful”. While I think it is good to look beautiful, how one has achieved that beauty and its relevance to his/her profile is equally important. Women are admired not just for their physical appearance but also her inner qualities.


By inner qualities I mean her kindness, compassion, right judgment, being unselfish and more.


At the mention of inner beauty; one woman who instantly comes to my mind is Mother Teresa! She is one of the most beautiful women in this world. She is beautiful because of the way she lived. Her unconditional love for mankind, her empathy and compassion were the pieces of jewelry she wore everywhere. She was as beautiful as her work and will always remain so.
At the same time, the fact: “First impression is the best impression” implies that it is the outwardly appearance that is going to make the impact. Like it or not, your boss will judge your competence and trustworthiness in the first second you meet him/her. People get to know your inner qualities only after interacting for some time. So the necessity of a pleasing outward appearance cannot be negated, more so if your work atmosphere requires interaction with colleagues.


In addition to good sense of humor, ease of interaction, confidence, or something feminine, the right kind of attire, jewelry and makeup can add to success in career. 


 Attire, jewelry, makeup… these words bring the picture of Usha Uthup to my mind. I happened to see her from a close distance and watch her perform. Not only was I mesmerized by her songs but also by her attire… Kanjeevaram saree, wrists full of bangles, gold jewelry, string of jasmine in hair, and finally the bindi with Bengali alphabet ‘K’ for Kolkata… a kaleidoscope of color and textures. That is her style statement!


Her charm has transcended all barriers of caste, language and nationality. The confidence she exudes makes you fall in love with ‘life’ all over again! She is a people’s singer. Shut your eyes; imagine her, do you want to change her image? She looks beautiful the way carries herself and her performances are instant hits, crowds swaying to her tunes.


Flashy or unflashy, with good amount of self confidence, your attire, jewelry and makeup becomes a part of your personality, your signature. 


There are plenty of reasons to look good and wear jewelry. The reasons have to be understood so that there is no mismatch of occasion and appearance. Plan your attire, makeup and jewelry accordingly, you too will be as beautiful as your work just like the woman in the video below. Light and unflashy, she does a smooth winning presentation. So the trick is: Take care of yourself, look presentable, eat healthy, think positive, be happy! For there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness!


This post is part of ‘As Beautiful As Your Work’ Contest by ‘Mia by Tanishq’.


This post won Tanishq blogging contest.


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19 Responses to “As Beautiful As Her Work

  • Well said Indrani. Happiness adds to the beauty and the confidence. All the best for the contest.

  • All the best Indrani

  • Indrani very nice post. Totally agree on this. The right mix of character and confidence adds oomph to your persona.

  • Very true Indrani. The beauty is two fold, inner and outer and both need a good balance. In the absence of any one, it is only a puppet show.

  • The two personality you described indeed is worth a praise,The way they carried/carry themselves is itself a thing to learn form them

  • Thank you Jyothi for reading and your wishes.
    Many thanks to you Gowardhan!
    Thank you Bushra. You are right one needs to strike a balance between the two.

  • How well you said that Fayaz. One does become a puppet in the absence of either one of these. Thank you for commenting!

    Yes Harsha, they are role models for us in their own professions. Thank you!

    Thank you Shiju! Thanks so much for the link to the wonderful video.

  • Great to read your post. Wish you all the best.

  • Beautifully written…there is so much emotion and strength in your words. All the very best for the contest 🙂

  • Like two sides of the coin, there are two sides to beauty and you have brought it out very well.

  • oh I admire Usha Uthup so much. How elegantly she carries herself. Such a powerful persona, awesome human being and on top of this a great singer (Her songs still manages to make us tap to its tunes).
    awesome post Indrani 🙂 all the Best 🙂

  • Nice informative post thanks

  • Nice post. All the Best Indrani!

  • Thank you Preethi for the nice compliment on my post. There was a word limit and I had to capsule all my thoughts in them.

    Yes Athenas Take, both are important. Thank you for the comment.

    Me too Jigyasa, I love that lady! Not many artistes can carry that style with so much elegance. And I am crazy for her songs too. seeing her in flesh and blood gave me goose pimples. Thank you for the comment.

  • Thank you very much Rupam, comboupdates and Jahid for your wishes!

  • It's such a nice post ! well written and all the best 🙂

  • Thank you Ankur! 🙂

  • Another great article Indrani! I believe that beauty must start from the inside. When someone has a peace of mind, enough self-confidence, bravery and positive attitude, it will be manifested outside too. I agree that there must be a balance between the inside and the outside; however, I think that inner beauty must be given more emphasis. What’s inside the heart of the person is what matters the most.
    Nice blog! I hope I can also join contest writing too in the future just like you. 🙂

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