Art Class this Summer

Even before the schools close for summer vacation the newspapers are full of advertisements for various kinds of Summer Camps. By ‘various’ I mean ‘a variety that caters to every size and taste of each and every child or rather the parent’. Most often the children are not very interested, if left alone they would love to while way the time watching TV or play around in the apartment.

Okay, so when the vacations began last May 1st, I was worried how to keep my daughters engaged. I did look around for some of the classes and then I stumbled on this short art camp being conducted by one of my friends, Mridula Banerjee. I always knew that she is a very talented lady, but was never aware of the fact she took classes too. Her classes run full merely by word of mouth.

The way she deals with children is amazing. Her opinion is that art cannot be forced in to a child, but it can be introduced to a child. And if the child has the aptitude for it, with guidance and proper training the child can create wonders.

My daughters attended her classes and last weekend when we got some of the results framed we were simply spell bound. They had gone to her empty handed and when they returned from her class the final day, their hands were full.

Someday I intend to take an interview of her if… she agrees. She is a non-blogger and I doubt if she will read this: I am grateful to you, Mridula for having introduced art to my daughters in such an interesting manner. They are now eager for the next vacation when they can go to you to learn more.

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Of Jasmine buds and Water Lily flowers
Where do Butterflies go when it Rains

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  • this is a very interesting post. i think, your daughters will be just fine

  • Indrani, looking forward to Mridula’s interview!

  • I liked your blog very much.
    It was informative and imaginative.
    me too blog
    do visit.

  • Mridula is talented. Not every artist can pass n share their talent. It would b interesting to read her interview but why not try video?

  • This stuff looks great…. I attended summer classes for acting when I was in school and they were so much fun!!

  • lovely stuff..though Im terrible at art


  • Wow! Your daughter’s made aoo of this! Awesome detail! How old are they?

  • your daughters made all that with mridula’s assistance?
    wow, beautiful artwork!

  • Happy Sky Watch……lovely colors in the paintings..come and see my bride in the sky..if you already visited then thanks…cheers!!

  • You have no idea how much I would LOVE my daughter to take a class like that!! The things your daughters did are amazing!

    Thanks so much for being a part of PSF with us!!

  • What lovely pictures! What lovely things the children have turned out. Wish I could join the art class too.

  • Mmmm, love art class.
    I’m taking a photo class soon.
    Great pics!

  • Good teacher, better students – your daughters have created beautiful things – you can be proud of the objects and your daughters!

  • All these pics, are these are done by your daughter? thats great.

  • Beautiful art! Your friend is talented!

  • Art class sounds like so much fun. I took one for FOUR years and had a blast (and made tons of ceramics that now sadly hide in my basement). 🙂

    Thanks for playing PSF!

  • Wow! Beautiful pieces!!

  • the pots look fascinating – strange, from historic times, people have always painted pots and created an art form of it – why??

  • She’s amazing. What wonderful artwork. I hope she continues. If there are ever classes down in New Mexico you should check them out. I know there are several great studios in Santa Fe that sometimes offer classes. 🙂

  • Wow, very clever kids you have there! And she sounds amazing

  • Hi Indrani! Back home and profiting from the Lisbon’s Day holiday (St. Anthony of Lisbon, not Padua), I’m trying to catch up your posts (What a nice week: June 10th, Portugal’s Day; June 13th, Lisbon’s Day… ;)).
    Great works; new artists are born!!
    Loved to read the butterflies’ post…
    Thanks also for your comments at Blogtrotter, which is now landed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain! Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

  • Hi all, Thankyou very much for the lovely comments.

    Quilly and Ajeya, my daughters are 11 and 7, they made all these with Mridula’s help.

    Bengbeng I am not sure of video, thanks for the suggestion though.

    Maddy your question requires a lot of research and I am not aware of any immediate answer. 🙂

  • Talented daughters of a talented mother being fine honed by Mridula !! 🙂

    The pots the paintings the name plate are all wonderful .

  • Hi! Indrani I read and learn that all the art pieces above were made by your two daughters congratulations to you having the two talented young ladies. They are equally talented as their mother..

  • Hi Indrani I been here but didn’t find newer post I came to Jamini’s Roy site also in wikipedia and read..Hope you can visit me…

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