Arras Squares, France

After Tournai, Belgium we crossed borders and slipped into France. The first UNESCO site we visited was the Arras. Arras is one town which had been battered and bruised badly during both the two world wars. But it was lovingly rebuilt and so much of the past glory was restored.

There are two market squares, Grand’Place and Place de Heros the smaller of the two. The Town Hall adds charm to this square (pic above). Underneath the square there exists a maze of tunnels. These provided shelter to the residents of Arras from heavy bombing during WWs, other times they were used for storing wine and food. The Grand’Place (pic below) has houses and few restaurants lined along the sides. We parked our car here in this square. During weekends both these squares turn into market area and is filled with lot of activities.

Some of the facades escaped the wrath of bombs and still have the same façade. This pic below is of one such building.

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