Aqua Ecstasy At Soochipara Falls, Wayanad

One more of my unique bathing experiences. This happened a couple of years back when I visited the Soochipara falls, Wayanad. I actually set off for the falls with serious intentions of taking some stunning shots of the fall, to try out various camera settings and get that silky water effect. One doesn’t get the opportunity of visiting waterfalls regularly! Before I set off on the mission, tutorials were theoretically covered, minute details and tips memorized; the main point to be kept in mind is slow shutter speed.

Setting the Camera

Armed with wide angle zoom lens, polarizing filter and yes the most important of all the tripod, I was there in the post noon hours of one summer day. I reached the falls sweating in the sweltering heat. Lighting was too bright, the polarizing filter should eliminate reflections of water and reduce the light entering my lens I thought. For once I wished it was an overcast day as the best diffused light occurs then, and it helps bring out details in the shadows and amplifies the contrasts.

Soochipara waterfall wayanad

Mesmerizing Soochipara Falls

And then, as I started looking for the best position to place the tripod to shoot the water falls at an angle, I felt different. It was as if the waterfalls had grabbed my heart, it had cast its magical spell on me. The falling waters was beckoning me to align myself with it. I found myself resting my equipment at a safe spot and heading towards the fall. Such was the power!

As I drenched myself deliberately, it felt awesome, the mind was experiencing a real alive is awesome moment! The cool waters of the fall was washing way the tiredness of body and soul. Mind was pleading with time to stand still, here and now. It was pure aqua ecstasy!

Often life takes you by surprise, you set out on a mission but end up doing something else. When you look back you have no regrets of not doing what you actually intended to do, instead you wish you could relive the moment again and this surely was one such moment in my life!

Soochipara Falls
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