Aqua Ecstasy At Soochipara Falls, Wayanad

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21 Responses

  1. Gigantisch und fantastisch liebe Indrani…

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  2. Sandy says:

    Beautiful waterfall and beautiful pictures. Love your post.

  3. I would have done something similiar. Especially getting in close and refreshed by the falls spray.

    Terrific experience!

  4. Wonderful post about becoming one with the water!

  5. First visit to your blog very nice post . The time when knock on my blog.

  6. Gattina says:

    I find water falls always very impressive !

  7. TexWisGirl says:

    that last shot is beautiful. calming.

  8. Sylvia K says:

    I do love waterfalls and visiting them is always a wonderful experience and they never fail to take my breath away! I keep those memories tucked away in my mind to call on when times are not so good! Lovely captures/post as always, Indrani!

  9. Joop Zand says:

    Very good photo's Indrani

  10. Thank you for sharing this moment with me so that I could share in it.

  11. That's the dilemma I face quite often, a conflict between attempting to capture the moment and the desire to actually live in the moment. 🙂

  12. George says:

    I've often been tempted to get under a waterfall, but I have resisted so far. One of these days . . .

  13. ladyfi says:

    What fabulous shots!

  14. Rajesh says:

    Very cool. I love that second shot.

  15. Lovely!

    We missed pictures since it was raining and we had to leave the camera behind. But we enjoyed the falls! it was indeed blissful.

  16. Bikramjit says:

    with you on this thought for sure .. nature has this thing of surprising us always .. that is a beautiful photograph.. I went to wales with the sole reason of taking pics of the fabulous welsh country side and did not take many for most of the time I was sitting there on the mountain top admiring the beautify around me ..


  17. eileeninmd says:

    Great post and waterfall photos, Indrani! My hubby would be in the water enjoying the falls. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  18. Jeevan says:

    Even sometime the pictures may go erased but the wonder feeling and memories last forever. Hope u content with what u experienced.

  19. Kusum Sanu says:

    Yeah, Waynad is a beautiful place. Had been there for few hikes and loved it. BTW, beautiful waterfalls!