Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium is one of the busiest sea ports in Europe. It is also called the city of diamonds. Before I show more of Antwerp here is the story of the origin of its name.

The legend revolving around the story of the city’s name has a giant as its main character. This giant, Antigoon, resided near the river Scheldt flowing by the city. Anybody who crossed the river would have to pay him a toll, failure to do so would mean loosing one of their hands. A ship crossing the river would have to pay a high toll. Refusal would lead to entire crew loosing their arm. The giant would severe one of their hands and throw it in to the river Scheldt.

Soon the role got reversed. A young brave man by the name Brabo cut off the giant’s hand and flung it into the river, ending his tyranny for ever. The name Antwerpen, derived from Dutch: hand werpen, as in Old English hand and wearpan meaning to throw. This story is depicted in a single scene in the form a fountain, at the heart of the city in the Grote market.

Grote Market, Antwerp
Leuven Town Hall, Belgium

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