Answers to Identification Parade from Last Week

Last week I did a tiny ‘Identification Parade‘ post of three species and the participation was overwhelming. Thank you very much for guessing and leaving lovely comments on that post. I enjoyed reading the wild guesses and deliberate funny guesses some of you made. Here are the winners and Answers to Identification Parade.

Answers to Identification Parade

Vamsee identified the bird that I couldn’t identify in my last post. It was Common Prinia . She is an avid bird watcher herself.

Deborah Godin and thyme correctly identified the first picture of the Identification Parade. It was Guineafowl , the feathers have unique dotted patterns.

It looks like the second shot that of the elephant was the easiest. Many of you could answer it correctly. It was the elephant’s forehead. The correct identifiers were Anya, Nessa, Sujata, Maggie May, Catherine, Maddy, alicesg, Ribbon, hitchwriter, Zlaek, Vamsee, Jeevan, Adrienne in Ohio, Karen, LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango, Ladynred, Snap, Tammy, Reader Wil, Dora, Wonder Turquette, Syaa Fiqq, thyme, Sucharita, Kamini, Chikki, Willard, Happy Kitten and Manz.

Again, only few could answer correctly to the last picture. It was a Hippo. Anya named this correctly. The other readers were Deborah Godin, alicesg, hitchwriter and Kamini.

You can download these shots and put in your blog.

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Identification Parade

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