Answers to Camouflaged

I got the most overwhelming response for the tiny ‘spot the critter’ contest, camouflaged last week. Almost everybody gave the right answers for at least one of them. Some of course had both answers right.

Hitchwriter was the first with both answers right. Others who got both answers right were Keats The Sunshine Girl, Ribbon, Rajesh, Anu, Deborah Godin, Adrienne in Ohio, Carletta, Julie, Karen, Ajeya Rao, Pratiksha Kulkarni, Ravishankar, Hilary.
The frog was spotted rightly by:
Dora, carmat, Baron’s Life, Esther Garvi.

The spider was spotted rightly by:
Sylvia, Ladynred, Reader Wil, Destination Infinity, Anya.

You can download and put the pics in your blog if you wish. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

Camera Critters
Asian Openbill-Stork

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