Witnessing Rituals in Anjaneyar Temple Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

I was blogging on my tour in West Bengal, a pause to that, this post will be on Anjaneyar Temple in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. Last week en route Srirangam, a temple town of Tiruchirapalli we halted at Namakkal. This town too has some temples more than 1000 years old with very interesting stories. Anjaneyar temple is dedicated to Lord Anjaneyar who was known as Hanuman in Ramayan. (He has different names in different Yugas.) The statue here is amazing. It is 18 feet tall with no canopy over it.

Abhishek in Anjaneyar Temple Namakkal

When we reached the temple, the idol was being bathed. Prior to this I had only heard about idols of deities being bathed, but this was the first time I was witnessing it. The huge idol was being bathed with milk, turmeric paste and sandalwood paste. Pujaris were standing on makeshift platforms at the top and pouring the fluids on it. It is called abhishek. It is done with constant chanting of mantras by priests.

I could watch just three of the abhisheks. After the abhisheks are over the deity is adorned with jewels, silk clothes and flowers. It is offered food and water. This is an important part of worship of Hindu Gods. I could not see the final decoration, if luck favors may be I will be able to visit again. Here are the pics of abhishek. After each abhishek the idol was washed with water made clean and then splashed with next abhishek item. Continuous ringing of bells, chants of mantra and different aromas; it was a great experience just standing and watching.



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