Amiens Cathedral Facade

The Bishop of Amiens, Bishop Edward desired to have the biggest cathedral of France and the result was this cathedral, 138 feet high. The façade of this cathedral is grand and impressive. The stones used in the cathedral’s construction all came from the great quarries of Picquigny. They were transported across the Somme to Amiens by boat. Three elevation levels in the façade, with doors in the bottom level, the one in the right is the Saint Firmin Portal and Portal of the Virgin in the left.

A long Gallery of Kings over the triforium, a series of twin arcades, finally a rose window. There are twenty two statues in the Gallery of Kings, silently watching all that has been going on for centuries. At the top level are two towers, the towers lack size as they were the last parts of the structure to be built and had a lack of financial means for their elevation. There are spiral staircases that take you to top. I missed going to top as I spent too much time admiring the interiors.

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