American Independence Day Celebrations in Bangalore

American Independence Day is celebrated with full josh (enthusiasm) in Bangalore. The city seems to be all decked up for the big day! One can spot restaurants all done up with the three colors – red, blue and white.

All dressed up in Mexican costume, he demonstrated the preparation of traditional fresh Guacamole.

Habanero-the Tex Mex joint in Bangalore too has come up with special all American menu of delicious burgers, hot dogs and pies. Why limit the celebrations to a day? They ask and right they are! A whole week is dedicated to the event at all the three branches of Habenaro in Bangalore.

Corn tortilla chips with spinach, artichoke and chicken dip.

Margarita… virgin!

Main course had burgers… Spicy barbecue burger with blue cheese carrot coleslaw chicken…
Chipotle burger with avacado salsa beef…
Garbanzo bean burger…
Texas style fried fish sandwich…


For me this was a learning experience. I have never been to the US of A before, so their food culture is very foreign to me. This event got me introduced to some of their popular dishes and relished them to my heart’s fill! It is an ideal opportunity for the local Bangaloreans to get to know more about American food culture.

I wish all my American readers and friends: Happy Independence Day celebrations!

One must always leave space for desserts… leave guilt pangs behind and attack the sweet dish!

Here is Elizabeth Bowden David, the owner of Habanero…
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