Alcazaba, Alhambra, Granada: History, Tour and Tickets

Alcazaba, Alhambra History

Alcazaba is the oldest and most ruined part of Alhambra, rich with history. Even before the Muslims arrived here, the place is believed to have several constructions, probably some from Roman times. History has it that Alcazaba was first built in 9th century by Sawwar ben Hamdun during the fights between Muslims and muwalladins (Christians who converted to the Islam and lived among the Muslims).

Today what we get to see was built by Mohammed I. He built 3 new towers: Broken Tower, Keep and Watch Tower and constructed the ramparts around the previous castle. The site got the look of fortress and was used for military purposes.
The Christians who took over the city used it as state prison during French occupation.

The Tour of Alacazaba, Alhambra

The tour rewarded us with exotic views of Granada city and plenty of exercise. Steep stairs to top, breezy enough to blow your hair on your face, pleasant evening sun and then wonderful views to photograph, the tour was worth every second of it. We walked through the remains of ruins, mostly uneven terrain towards the biggest tower. It is a huge complex and the tour can easily take one hour even if you decide to skip some of the steep parts. The tower’s 4 flags represent: blue of the European Union, the green and white of Andalucia, red and yellow of Spain and red and green of Granada. The flags are just next to Bell Tower. Take water and snacks along, there is no water source inside and climbing can be tiring on a hot day.

A small legend I read on this fort is: when Christians took over the fort, the fleeing Moorish King looked back and wept, when his mother chided him saying, “You weep like a woman for what you couldn’t defend like a man!” Muslim reign from here lasted for more than 7 centuries. 


The four flags beside the bell tower.


Keep your tickets; you will have to show them at the entrance to Alcazaba. If by any chance you miss out the daily quota of tickets to Nasrid Palace you can buy day tickets for Visit to the Gardens, the Alcazaba fortress and Generalife
 • Adults: 7.00 €
• Children under 12: Free entry.

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