Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur, Rajasthan

I spent good two hours, at the Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur. It was a good exposure to the kids, good learning experience. We reached there quite early after stuffing ourselves with heavy breakfast. The museum hadn’t got crowded yet, by the time we were leaving the premises it was crowded and stuffed with people. It was good decision to come early.

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur indranipics

About Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall museum was constructed by a British Army officer, Colonel Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob in 1876, in the modern Indo-Saracenic style. The foundation stone for the museum was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward to Jaipur that year. The building located in the Ram Nivas Garden in Jaipur was earlier a place of recreation for the royal families. Maharaja Ram Singh, the then king of Jaipur had noble intentions of using this building as the town hall for his famine struck subjects.

A small museum was created in 1881. The popularity of this led to Hendley, a resident surgeon, conducting a Jaipur Exhibition at Naya Mahal (old Vidhan Sabha). The intention was to inspire local craftsmen to improve their skills. Thereby protecting and preserving traditional art and reviving skills, and also to provide greater employment for artisans.  The Albert Hall Museum was completed in 1887. All the displays of temporary museum and the exhibition of artifacts collected from several parts of India and its neighborhood were merged and shifted for a permanent display in the new museum.

My visit to Albert Hall Museum

The exterior of this monument or mansion is very impressive. Once inside we were a little confused over the distribution of artifacts in various floors of the museum. We decided to target from ground floor upwards. Almost all kinds of artifacts and objects of value from past are on display here. The exquisite collection antiques, miniature paintings, woodwork, metal objects, old traditional ceremonial dresses of the royal families. There were pottery objects, sculptures, and other arts & crafts and more.

The Albert Hall Museum is a true treasure house of culture and traditions and unknown hidden facts about the Rajasthani people. An Egyptian Mummy too is exhibited there. This excited the kids very much and me too (don’t have to travel all the way to Egypt.) While general visit tickets didn’t cost much the camera charges were exorbitant like in the Meherengarh Fort of Jodhpur. And as if bent on settling of scores, rather the cost I clicked almost every article on display there.

So true, the fact that, “Museums are the best place to visit to know about the culture, traditions and customs of a place.” Don’t miss this place if you are ever there.

Rudyard Kipling (himself the son of a curator) on a visit was very impressed by the architecture, woodwork, display, exhibits, and cleanliness and not least the curators office. He wrote “it is now a rebuke to all other museums in India from Calcutta downwards”.


The Albert Hall is centrally located at the heart of city “Ram Nivas Garden” Jaipur.

Timings and Holidays

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm & 7.00 to 10.00 pm (Daily)

Holidays: Maintenance days: Tuesdays from October to March and Mondays during April to September


For Indian visitor and students are Rs.40 and Rs.20. Separate charges for camera and audio guides.  Free entry on Rajasthan Day – 30 March, World Heritage Day – 18 April, World Museum Day – 18 May, World Tourism Day – 27 September.

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  • I think a culture of a place can be gauged by the kind of museum’s they host. And how they are maintained. All the artefacts in the photos are neat and beautiful. That shows how much the people out there care and treasure their art forms. In an increasingly time less society, these are timeless pieces! Thanks for sharing.

    Destination Infinity

  • Indrani, of course I’d like to visit the whole museum. The images you show in this post are really interesting. Very nice the collections and attractive the building too.
    Have a good week ahead!

  • Indrani: That is a wonderful place and has such great architecture.

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    so what do they charge to take photos? I have never heard of that before.

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    What a building. Very interesting. I am glad you got so many good shots!

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  • Museums are great. This was lovely.

  • Absolutely fascinating and such beautiful architecture.

  • Interesting place. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

  • Great photos, what a gorgeous museum.

    Have a great week
    Regina In Pictures

  • You’ve given us a wonderful glimpse of your world.

  • Wonderful collection of ojects d’art! I can see where the time would jsut fly by while visiting.

  • What a fabulous post, gorgeous photos and I love learning about the building itself! Marvelous as always, Indrani! Thanks for sharing your world! Have a great week!

  • I really enjoy the trip. I felt like I was there. Thanks for this another great piece of blog from you. Well if in case that I had a chance to visit India (but your country is huge),I will definitely visit this art museum.

  • Wow your museum is so beautiful and big. Love the artefacts being displayed.

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    just out of curiosity how exorbitant were the camera charges if i may ask..

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    its great
    beautiful building :))
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    Its like a teapot 🙂
    Nice shots, its always
    interesting in a museum !!!
    Thanks for sharing your trip 😉

  • It looks like a palace. I like the details of the building…. and the displays.

  • Bent on settling scores!? haha!
    A first time read on Albert Museum and its exquisite collection for me. Thank you.

  • Thank you Indrani, for this post! It must be a very great and interesting place. Thanks also for your visit. Have a great day.

  • loved the pictures, great clarity, truly India is rich in its history and artwork. You are doing a great work compiling it so well. Thanks a lovely post once again.

  • What I love about museums is that they freeze time in a certain era, and you get to come back and enjoy! Loved your pictures, Indrani!

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  • wow very historical and wonderful antiques
    thanks for sharing
    have a great day and happy blogging

  • You have so many wonderful exhibits to share with us. You continue to amaze us with your power of knowledge about everything you posted. Highly commendable work.

  • beautiful museum. wish i had lovely pics like these to post. i only post abt my life 🙁

  • You open a beautiful window to your’s country…Cogratulations and “Thank you!”



  • This building is looking very magnificent, your country haves a very beautiful history, every piece off art looks so delicate, it must be a dream to visit your country, almost like a fairytale. Thank you for sharing. Jeany

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  • Hey Indrani, this is strange…
    There’s some places (which you post about) I instantly feel like going to or being at! While there are some others, like this one…which don’t interest me much. What I really liked in this one, is your captures. The third, fifth and the seventh pictures are outstanding…

  • A very beautiful architecture + a rich museum full of fine pieces of both western and indian arts and cultures. I see Greek women statutes on the sixth photo, are these from the time of the Indo-Greek Kingdom or newer?

    Thank you for this rich and very interesting post,

    Best regards,

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  • The teeny weeny guitars/violins with their bows were the best photo for me. They looked like small sculptures.

  • Quite impressive building ! very interesting.
    I always try to take my pictures secretly, my camera in my sleeve, I became a real paparazzi, lol !

  • Fantastic place. I have been there last summer and it was amazing!

  • Wow! Beautiful art pieces housed in a beautifully designed museum. Quite opulent really, then I read some more and learned that it was once a place for the royal family. Great idea to convert. Wonderful post as usual. 🙂

  • Interesting post and great pictures. I love museums that allow you to take photos!

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  • I loved the details of your pictures. As I love museums, your post was like a visual tour, Thanks.

  • Hi Indrani! Another hectic week and my tour of blogosphere suffers… 😉
    Wow! It looks much cleaner without the pigeons… And I regret it was closed the day I saw it… Have to get back to visit… Wonderful post!
    Blogtrotter just ended the tour of temples in Old Town Vilnius and waits for you there. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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    That yellow glazed object, is it a tea pot? I wonder how it is used!

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  • Beautiful. I missed this when in Jaipur. Due to lack of time had to be satisfied by taking one snap from outside.

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  • Exquisite, you said it. Thanks to your photographs I have had a good ride round Rajasthan.

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  • Hi Indrani I have seen some beautiful pics being clicked by you, but believe me Albert Hall Museum is the most beautiful you might ever get to photograph if you were patient and generous with it.
    Don’t mind, but i guess a pic with the pigeons in front of the building would have made evrybody’s day i guess 😛
    but i guess the most beautiful part of it is only visible when they light it up at night or you need to get the images from a sufficient distance, infact from the next crossroads at distance…infact i would give you a tip….most beautiful pic is when you stand at albert hall and then click the nahargarh fort..which is in a straight line and makes for exquisite seeing 🙂

  • the images are very fascinating, very detailed really wonderful

  • The place ,the work and the shots…all are amazing.

  • When I visited Jaipur, I missed to visit this museum. Looks interesting. In some of the museums photography is prohibited. I guess the restriction is not in this museum. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of artifacts.

  • That’s a lot of interesting info about the Museum. Hope to visit soon!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    So true, the fact that, “Museums are the best place to visit to know about the culture, traditions and customs of a place.” Don’t miss this place if you are ever there.Very true indrani ji . Albert Hall is a major attraction when you are in jaipur to visit . Great pictures , and these pictures are taking me to my visit there in 1999 but have forgotten most of the things . Thnx for sharing

  • Nice pictures. The museum is one of the oldest ones in Rajasthan

  • Wonderful story behind the museum and surely a place to explore once.

  • Having done my graduation from Jaipur, I have seen nearly all places of interest including this one too. Amazing article & pictures 🙂

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  • I loved the Albert Hall museum, well curated and amazing. Will be sharing my experience soon

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