Aguada Fort, Goa

Aguada Fort is the most famous and most visited fort of Goa. Often tourists who holiday in Goa for a short duration feel the visit is complete with a trip to this Aguada Fort. Several Bollywood movies have been shot in this beautiful location and that has increased the popularity of this fort. Though it was the Chapora Fort where where the movie “Dil Chahta Hai” was shot, tourists sit on the fort walls just as Aamir Khan and his friends sat for the movie in that fort. There is no end to photo sessions there. If you have the patience you will be amused by the antics some of the tourists do there.

History: It was constructed in 1612 and had served as a good defence for the Portuguese rulers against Dutch and Marathas for 450 long years. The walls are 5m high and 1.3m wide. 200 cannons once protected this fort; none are there now, probably housed in some museum. The deep moat that went around this fort is dry and seemed uncared. Within the walls of the fort is a huge well fed by fresh water springs. And this provided fresh drinking water to the voyagers that arrived by ship.

At a distance you can see 13 meter high lighthouse. This lighthouse, built in 1864, initially used an oil lamp. It was later renovated and modernized in 1976.

Time for peekaboo with my younger daughter in the ruins of the Aguada Fort.

In the middle of the courtyard of this fort (in red paint) is an enormous vaulted cistern capable of storing ten million liters of fresh water.

I keep looking out for some interesting scenes to share with you all. And here is one: A newly married couple posing for their wedding photographer.

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