Aero India 2009, Bangalore

We were sitting on the edge of our chairs! We were there, right in the first row, close to run way, witnessing an unforgettable, breathtaking and spectacular show of maneuvers by the magnificent flying machines. This was at the Aero India – 2009 at Yelahanka AF Stn. Bangalore.

Aero India 2009 indranipics
Aero India 2009 2
The smooth take offs with a deafening roars, the upside down fly past; the dare devil pilots all, treated us to neat vertical climbs. One aircraft would touchdown and within minutes there was another which had taken off, a split-air maneuver and 360 degree turns… barrel rolls, half rolls… a Cobra maneuver… ballets in the air by helicopters of IAF… we could sense the adrenaline rush with each act!

Aero India 2009 3
Aero India 2009 4
Aero India 2009 5
Aero India 2009 6
Aero India 2009 7
The other highlights were:
Asia’s Premier Air Show! 7th edition of biennial aerospace exposition.
600 companies from 26 countries!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the passes and tickets were issued to the visitors to keep a tab on them during the air show… the first time for an air show in Bangalore.

Suman Sharma, a commissioned officer and currently a flying instructor with the Indian Military Academy (IMA) at Dehradun, became the world’s first woman to fly the mighty Russian MiG-35 fighter jet at the Aero India international air show.

Security check carried out by plain-clothed, armed and wired security personnel from Israel at their display of aircrafts. No other participating nations were permitted this facility.

Protestors protesting against the ‘alleged arms bazaar in the guise of aero-show’ were rounded up by the police.

More photographs here.

Aero India 2009 8
Aero India 2009 9
Another two years’ long wait for the next AIR SHOW!!!



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44 Responses to “Aero India 2009, Bangalore

  • Wow, you were there, how exciting!
    Great pictures. And interesting what you write!

  • Wow, you were close, these are incredible shots! I’ll be it was loud, though!!

  • Amazing. That last one looks like a wasp. But they are not all fighter planes … the first ones are passenger planes.

    I think i would be scared visiting a show like that, you often hear of accidents that happen during those stunts!

  • Wow, those are great shots.

  • I think that shot of the helicopters is terrific!

  • Nice shots! It amazes me all that those machines can do!

  • I love air shows! They are very loud. Really nice close-ups that you captured. Happy PSF!

  • Exciting post. Great pics! : D

  • Great photos. Air Shows are a lot of fun. These images depict that action really well. It’s been ages since I’ve attended one. Now it feels like I just have. Thanks for that. 🙂

  • You captured all the excitement of the event in those photos. Had me captured.

  • Breath-taking photographs and excellent narration.

  • Great! My son misses the show most!
    And my SARAS is there! thanks so much for transporting me …
    Loved to see the lit-up Bangalore skies, here and in FM.
    Do you have pics of the RFID tags? With all the security procedures, I’m glad cameras were not banned!

  • The pictures are all good – especially the air-borne planes are superb. I can see your extra interest in these pictures. 🙂

  • Lucky you !!! and wonderful shots !!!!

    as a kid i always wanted to be a fighter pilot !! I used to dream of it…

    thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures !

  • Wow! I love the second last picture with the helicopter carrying a jeep as in a toy world!

  • wow! very impressive!

  • What an amazing experience. You too some great photos.

  • I too read about Suman’s achievement! And admiring her to be the first from India to be co-pilot.

    Wonderful capture! The helicopter caring the gypsy is stunning. I wish something like this happens in Chennai, for me to visit.

  • Good.. they allowed you to shoot all those fighter jets. Could see that you’ve hit the targets pretty well :)))

  • Love the pictures! I’ll bet that was exciting!

  • Very cool shots…how neat to be there. I have only ever been to one air show.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • Wow, that must have been awesome to see. Lots of variety too. The Blue Angels are impressive when they come to town but what you’re talking about is just plain cool. Nice shots. 🙂

  • Very cool shots!! It must have been an exciting even tot see.

  • Wow! How cool! My boys (big and little) hit the Dayton Airshow each year. Like you said, after each one, they are sorry to have to wait a whole year to see it again.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures!

  • Who doesn’t love a good air show?! To have such great seats too! We lived in Indian Springs Nevada that is the place the Thunderbirds practice. It is the only place to get an air show every year! It is an appreciation free show for the town. SO exciting! Glad that you got to have this up close experience. Great shots of the planes.

  • great photos! there is an air and water show by the lake here each summer!

  • That must have been fascinating to experience that in person! I’m amazed at how big (and loud) they are! VERY cool.

  • It’s been almost nine years since I’ve been to an air show and it was much smaller than Aero India 2009. It was wonderful to see your pictures.

  • the links you have given are simply amazing!

  • That looks like a great day!! I love the helicopters! And the one carrying the vehicle! WOwza!

  • I love aircraft – I used to love airshows… I think the crowds and the noise would do me in now.
    I learned to fly a glider when I was sixteen but regrettably never kept going.

  • Wow…it certainly would have been a hell of an experience..

  • wow. u were actually there. how exciting it must be with the noise and in the open air. even the pics r enuf to stimulate the imagination

  • How incredible!!!

  • Nice pics Indrani…Have been watching many of these from friends who have been there. Missed going this time

  • Lucky you!

    I have watched Hubby and Son sit tirelessly, endlessly on the computer flying some of these machines! Can imagine the excitement of seeing one so close! I have only watched them on TV and it was thrilling enough…And for you it would be extra special too..

  • Next time I want to be there with you!! The power behind those amazing machines…so exhilarating!!

  • Suman Sharma is cool! Great pictures.

  • Great shots. I envy You, because I love air planes and was not there.

  • It looks really huge and mesmerizing, but a little scared. People are really creative to build such places and machines.

  • With regard to the interpretation of teh Thursday Challenge, we can give each other hand. Only you many pictures. A cordial greeting from us from Holland.

  • that must have been very impressive to watch!

  • I have always wanted to go to the aero show at yelahanka. Has nostalgic childhood memories for me having grown up near an air force base in Pune.

    Nice pics and a very apt take on the theme.

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