Adopt Tourist Destinations and Monuments

In the year 2001, Mysore zoo started this unique program of “Adoption of Zoo animals”. This has seen a fair amount of success and is still continuing with animal lovers pouring in their love in the form of finance to their favorite animal. You can see more information here.Now, on similar lines, there is a proposal to start “Adoption of Tourism Destination and Monuments”. If approved and if it takes off it will be the first of its kind in India. There are 319 tourism destinations listed in Karnataka. In the initial phase of the program only 40 to 45 destinations are planned to be put up for adoption, that too for a period of 5 years. Based on observations and results of this ‘adopt tourist destinations’ program, more will be put up for adoption.

adopt tourist destinations

The tourism department is doing the right thing targeting the Corporate Firms to get them involved in this venture. I too feel this step will enable better maintenance of the destinations and monuments. Tourists to these places too will get a better experience particularly in terms of amenities. I remember my visit to Aihole, Bagalkot in north Karnataka: the temples there are beautiful and spread over a wide area. No directions or route maps to the various temples were available. We went around asking locals for directions. There was no chance of finding a toilet simply because there was none. No good roads either.These difficulties will cease to exist once the adoption program becomes a success.

Advantages of Adopting Tourist Destinations

  • Such measures will help positive transformations in the lives of the locals.
  • It can help generate job for the locals and also preserve their cultural heritage.
  • Current travel practices have lot of negative impact on the environment of the destination, this too can be curbed and responsible travel can be encouraged.

According to me this is a very positive step taken by Karnataka Tourism board.


Kalachand Temple, Bishnupur
Ras Mancha Temple, Bishnupur, West Bengal

32 Responses to “Adopt Tourist Destinations and Monuments

  • Wonderful program. This will preserve the cultural heritage.
    Beautiful photo and fantastic monument.
    Greetings from far away Polish.

  • A good idea.
    I hope more Indian corporate companies will come forward and take up this offer.

  • Indeed a welcome decision!

  • sounds like a very worthwhile project!

  • good project…many corporates will come forward

  • I am so glad to read this, Indrani!! A worthwhile project indeed! There is so much incredible history in your country, so much incredible beauty and it would be such loss for everyone — certainly in your country but for all the many travelers from all over the world.

  • I hope this program is a success. Anything that will be help with the preservation on national monuments and antiquities should be encouraged.

  • The adoption program sounds like a great idea for maintaining the many ancient sites you have in India plus give lots of people jobs.

  • Beautiful image, and a project so needed.

  • Great idea. Hope the program is a success. Have a great week ahead!

  • I hope the rich would compete to do this!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  • I am all for it. Where is this image from? its beautiful!

  • Thanks friends I am so glad you all agree positively with this initiative. Hope it sees grand success.

    Sudhir the pic is from Aihole.

  • welcome initiative. But no billboards / hoardings / chest-thumping, please. There is likely to be a code by which this kind of adoption is made socially purposeful, and not just a token CSR feather-in-the-cap.

  • Seems this could be a good program. Lets hope it gets implemented well.

  • This is a great idea! The corporate funding will ensure the monuments are preserved and looked after .

  • Great idea there and for elsewhere in India. I would love to see many haveli get adopted.

  • Now that's really a great initiative..wishing it a grand success..

  • Well thought about idea. Hopefully it materializes.

  • Excellent initiative,hopefully we can preserve our treasures from getting defaced/scribbled on and destroyed

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information about which no such notification came to my desk. It shall be much better if on the same line adoption of manuscripts are taken up.

  • Great initiative.. Should be followed by other states too..

  • nice initative by the government

  • wonderful initiative and much needed. Heard about the destruction at Hampi? It's rather sad to see this sorry state 🙁

    Was away for a week, glad to be back online into this world now:)

  • Great initiative and a way to develop sustainable tourism, hope it is successful and companies respond positively. Really should be rolled out to other states as well, too many historical sites in India suffer from neglect and lack of funds.

  • Hope WB Goverment will also be part of this. We have so many historical monuments and destinations which are neglected and can be reviewed as a tourist destination.

  • Adopting animals and allowing them live freely and safely is such a noble thing to do. I am so happy to see the initiative being made 🙂

  • Awesome. Great Idea

  • Nice concept, if operated properly. Tourism is one area which needs attention. Because once implemented properly, it may become a cash cow for most of the state's revenues. Like Kerala, Tourism has helped Kerala and the innovative marketing campaigns led this to be a success. Likewise Private partnerships can be helpful as u said, will improve the infrastructure and the overall amenities at the location. Moreover for the corporates, this is a solution where they can showcase that they are giving something back to the society. Win-Win situation for all.

  • Great initiative

  • Great idea. Where I live there are programs to adopt streams. Volunteers who adopt a stream keep them clean of rubbish and check for pollutants. Different from this but I guess similar in that the idea is to adopt something worth preserving whether in nature or ancient architecture.

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