Adinath Temple Kathgola Murshidabad, West Bengal

After a couple of hours at Hazarduari Palace, we set off for Adinath Temple in Kathgola Gardens. This is included in must see list of places in Murshidabad. Kathgola, the name comes from kath (wood) and gola (warehouse), a lumberyard which existed in this place before the palace was built. Kathgola Garden has a palace, fruits orchards, a small zoo and this Jain Temple.

The horse driven carriage owner told us photography may be permitted in these places, so we opted to visit Kathgola Gardens. And thankfully we had an uninterrupted photo session here. With onion shaped domes, the Jain temple looked magnificent from a distance. It is a well maintained one. Prayers are offered here everyday. This Adinatha temple is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara, Lord Rishabha. The place kind of calmed and soothed us, the tired travelers. The guide here told us this main idol is 900 years old.

Lord Adinatha in padmasana (lotus posture).

Architectural Details of Adinath Temple Kathgola Murshidabad

The architecture of Adinath Temple is unique. Domes of this temple has clear influence of Mughal style. Facade has European bungalow style. Interiors are typical traditional Jain interiors with Rajasthani style sculpted images and Bengali plaster work. That is a lot in one structure. The guide did sound knowledgeable.

Inside the temple there are 17 other images of Jain Tithankaras and other deities.

Mosaic flooring and stained glass doors too are centuries old. The builder Rai Bahadur Lakshmipat Singh Dugar was a Rajput of Chauhan dynasty. There are such interesting stories about him, some hard believe too. Laxmipat Singh had a very high reputation and was trusted so much that just on the basis of his oral bond “16 oxcarts of gold bullion,” were dispatched to his mansion which helped him tide over the financial crisis he was facing.

Open Timings of Adinath Temple of Murshidabad

Adinath Temple of Murshidabad in West Bengal is open everyday from 6AM to 7PM.

How to reach Adinath Temple Murshidabad

Nearest airport to Murshidabad is Dum Dum Airport, Kolkata with 200 km. And nearest railway station is Berhampore Court in Murshidabad district. Regular buses ply from Kolkata to Berhampore.

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