Accademia Bridge, Venice

Accademia Bridge, another unique bridge of Venice is at the lower crossing of Grand Canal. Our destination was Santa Maria della Salute, we didn’t actually have to cross it, but being in Venice and not having crossed the bridge would be a shame. So we walked over the bridge, soaked in the lovely views from there. It is an open foot bridge.

This structure was first made with wood, later reinforced with steel. The steel reinforcements are prominently visible. The original Accademia Bridge, a steel bridge was built in 1854, it was designed by English architect A.E. Neville. Later it was replaced by a temporary wooden bridge in 1932. In 1985, the crumbling Mussolini-era bridge was replaced by a new wooden replica of the 1932 structure. The steel reinforcements were added to strengthen the structure.

This is the view of the Dorsoduro side of the bridge, you can see the Accademia vaporetto, the first stop after San Marco’s.

View of Santa Maria della Salute, the canal feeds into St. Mark’s Basin here. Getting to this bridge is easy, you will find plenty of signs with arrows indicating Accademia, it is ten minutes from Rialto Bridge.

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