Automobiles, when they run cause 75% noise and 80% air pollution in our cities. What happens when they are abandoned? For this Thursday Challenge topic: Abandoned, I have these pics of an abandoned car.

The circumstances indicate that the owner has no further interest in it. I have come across many such abandoned vehicles, that too near police stations. Most of them look like they have been involved in some accidents. Some of them may be stolen ones which no one claimed, not even the original owners; may be because of lack of documents.

They are such an eyesore! Whose responsibility is its removal and disposal?

Whatever… when I see these vehicles, I wonder what they would think if they could think. Won’t they be missing their younger happier days! How many happy journeys they would have made; like may be bringing a newly married couple home, or a new born child home, or going on picnics, being washed and scrubbed clean! This abandoned car made a sad picture of sitting and rusting away!

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  • the greenery growing across it is impressive!

  • Oh, I do so agree with you, Indrani!! We don't see a lot of these here in the northwest, so when we do see one, it looks all the worse!! A sad, but great post and reminder for the day!!

  • I have seen old abandoned cars on our travels. I even saw where someone had planted pots of flowers on the front of one. It looked beautiful! Yours are great photos of this one Indrani.

  • Looks like the earth will just grow over this vehicle in time. Like a big rusty planter.

  • Amazing capture for the theme 🙂

  • On my, it's become a planter! Wonderful photo for "Abandoned."

    Violet N. (promptings 2)

  • What you see near police stations are the ones involved in accidents or theft case. As police action/court case is involved, the owners cannot take it back. Once the case is closed, it is is in such a bad shape that the owner does not want it.

  • Yes, these pictures make you wonder what the cars have "seen" and what happened to them.
    Now they almost are peaces of art with all the leaves growing in and out of them! Very good take on this Challenge!

  • Nature grows!!!!!

  • Sad! In the Netherlands we have special places where you can bring your old discarded vehicles. We call it the car graveyard.Some parts can be recycled. Abandoned cars will be removed to such graveyards.
    Thanks for your visit!

  • Hari OM
    We think alike Indrani … 'what are the stories to tell?"… continuing to pollute … and yet, is there not a beauty of sorts, as Nature reclaims what she can..? Great shots. YAM xx

  • These are indeed sad pictures. We sometimes see abandoned vehicles (usually pickup trucks) on remote roads here in the mountains.

  • Looks like modern art, at least that's what came into my mind first, lol !

  • Sad sight.
    Soon nature will cover the car wreck.

  • Interesting capture. Looks my first boy friend's car. Oh, my. I must be old!

  • Great shoots! All parts become covered by the vine soon.

  • This photo somehow reminds me of stray cattle on our roads. Owner of cattle do not want to feed cow that do not yield milk anymore. These cows move around aimlessly. Similarly, when owner of cars have run out utility of their cars, they abandon them. I do not know exactly what should we do with such cars. May be we should find a graveyard for cars.

  • In their ruin, there is life of nature!
    Your photos are fabulously capturing both.

  • These are the best objects for HDR photography 🙂 Try it sometime !

  • True. Whether man or machine nobody likes to be abandoned.

  • Very true Indrani ! You got some really wonderful shots..The greenery growing back on the car is making all the difference !

  • Hahaha..how nice of you to give a thought for how a car would feel…I too have seen numerous cars standing abandoned in my neighboring police station…alas instead of being used they keep rutting there for years…sigh

  • Poor things!

    Taking of finding abandoned cars near Police Stations, I'm thinking these are cars that have been taken away (like- confiscated) by the cops.

  • Car graveyard or will that be death of a car!

  • Good pics. Not just cars, people abandon, hopes, dreams,infants, parents, loved ones and what not. These must be promptly cleared by the respective BBMP personnel.

  • Om my God, you wouldn't believe it Indrani, every time I come across such abandoned vehicle, my mind conjures up a hundred stories about the accident, wondering if anyone was fatally wounded, or if the owners live around…and what not.

  • Very touching. I echo your feelings, Indrani! Flashback – Before & After…

  • You make an abandoned old rotten car look like 'installation art' 🙂

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