A Windmill Near Amsterdam

One dream that remained unfulfilled during my tour of Amsterdam is seeing a working windmill. Netherland is synonymous to windmills too, among various other things like tulips, canals, etc. A few centuries back there were around 10,000 windmills in this country. They are the first to develop windmill technology. These windmills are revered so much in this country that they observe a National Windmill Day (11 May)!

Today there are just 1000 of them left. I had read that some of them are open to public; definitely a visit to one of them would have been educational and fun. Eight windmills stand tall in the heart of Amsterdam city, you can read about them here. I couldn’t sight any, but I was lucky to get a glimpse of one windmill as we were approaching Amsterdam. We didn’t halt; I managed to capture a shot of the windmill as we zipped past the place.

Grape Hyacinth
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