A Tidal Island – Le Mont St. Michel, France

The initial part of the path, Grande Rue: the island’s only street, is lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Stop and fuel yourself well for the climb upwards and while exiting you can pick up the souvenirs. We had good chocolate layered crepes here. (I felt they were a little overpriced, there was no other option.)

After a good stretch of ascent and we were finally at the vantage point from where we got fabulous view of the island and vast stretch of tide free land around it. At a distance I saw tourists exploring the sandy beach. As you stand there and admire, breathe in the air floating in from over the sea you will experience a sensory overload, I did so I know.

Mont St Michel is located at the mouth of the River Couesnon. The extreme tidal ranges there have helped the evolution of unique estuarine ecosystem. The area surrounding Mont St Michel is refuge for several species of birds, animals and various water creatures. The sight of the road with vehicles parked on both sides looked interesting. There is a talk of a project to replace the existing causeway with a bridge, so that natural flow conditions around the island are restored.


Interiors Of Le Mont St. Michel, France
The Ramparts Of Mont St. Michel

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