A Sunday Evening

A lovely way to spend Sunday evening would be to soak oneself in a pool. Often the pool is within the four walls of a room. What if one can surrender body and soul to nature? What if the pool is open air with sky as roof, a whole lake all to oneself! Won’t it be a magical fine evening?!

The sunset can be a real treat! Enjoy the pleasures of watching the sun melt away and surrender to darkness. One is bound to get the feeling being alive is awesome! The tranquil moments blast away tiredness, trounces illnesses, lets you collect your thoughts and see them in right perspective. One is at peace, being at peace is being God and you suddenly realize “All things are possible!”

Seeing the setting sun’s light reflected from the lake in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, my mind drifted off in a flow of thoughts. Mentally I was transported to a realm of joy, imagining myself soaking in the lake just like her. When you are rapt, you are alive yet you are transported to a different world. These moments clear all debris of ill thoughts from your mind; body and mind cleansed you step out like a new individual with a delightful sense of achievement. You feel the whole universe has bowed to you and that is awesome!

This post is part of Alive is Awesome Bathing Experience for Cinthol. 

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