A Journey of Different Kind

It was a different kind of journey last month. A journey that made me realize: “time flies fast!” It seemed just the other day she learned to take her first steps, get her balance and walk. 
Now almost into her 18th year of her life she took the first step to live away from her parents, carve out an enriching world for herself. 
Ever since the results of her exams were declared 2 months back we were in a spin. 
The news of her successful admission to one of the premier technical institutes of India left me dazed on several aspects. One, I was proud, but then it also meant she would be leaving us all. 
Finally we parted! 
The lonely moments spent while flying back home left me choked, trying to quickly hide tears flowing out uncontrollably among strangers in flight. 

68th Independence Day
Donning the Chef's Cap at Spice Studio

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