A Heron and A Seagull in Bruges, Belgium

The grey sky over Bruges was not very interesting, but a little drama between a Heron and a Seagull brought in some noisy excitement. The Heron was hopping, sometimes making short flights between church spires, rooftops and bare branches of trees. It would have gone unnoticed but for a Seagull which kept on pestering it.

It was not clear what the bone of contention was. The incessant screeching of the Seagull and the Heron trying to avoid the Seagull’s aerial attacks was attracting everyone’s attention there.

The Heron seemed to be the calmer of the two and it ignored the loud Seagull well. Soon the Seagull quit the scene and as I moved out of the place I saw the Heron high up above in the branch holding on to its position firmly.

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