A Complete Family Fun Destination – The Parisian Macao #LuxuryHotel

Have you been ripping your brain apart planning up a holiday trying to include engaging activities for all family members? Are you searching for that ideal honeymoon destination? Worry not and search no more! After my recent visit to the The Parisian Macao Hotel I have come to the conclusion that this luxury hotel provides a complete package of entertainment for families. In my previous post on Why ‘The Parisian Macao’ is the Best Place to go with Kids I had elaborated how the hotel caters to activities for child guests. This hotel isn’t a disappointment for adults, food lovers, shoppers or honeymooners either. The Parisian Macao is a complete family fun destination (Macao is also spelt as Macau – wiki)

The Parisian Maco Complete Family Fun Destination

Complete family fun destination – The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Theatre

The Parisian Macao hotel has 1,200-seat, purpose-built state-of-the-art theatre. It offers the very best in international entertainment from around the world to Macao. I found this to be an ideal venue for wholesome entertainment to families. From live music concerts to Broadway theater and Vegas-style shows, various entertainment events for the whole family to enjoy are shown here time to time. During my stay in The Parisian Macao I witnessed two shows. (The Parisian Theatre is located at Level 5, The Parisian Macao.)

Monkey King Show (duration 70mins)

Monkey King – China Show is a large-scale fantasy stage play. This story is based on the Chinese legend of the famous monk – Xuan Zang from the Tang Dynasty (602 – 664). It is also known as ‘A Journey to the West’ and is one of the most famous and enduring stories told in Chinese folk-lore.

Monkey King Show

Bibap (duration 1hour 30mins)

Bibap is a comedy act which has deliciously blended martial arts, street dance and hip-hop. This act celebrates the Korean national dish of bibimbap and promotes Korean food culture worldwide. One of the most hilarious acts I watched in the recent times. I was amazed how during the act they dragged audience into the fun, with the cast encouraging them to even taste the food on stage. The performers observe crowd reaction to decide the way show will progress, so no two evenings are ever the same. Bibap characters kept us on the edge of our seat as we clutched on to our stomachs laughing away.

Story in brief: BIBAP churns out a cooking competition between two master chefs, Green Chef and Red Chef, at ‘BIBAP’ restaurant. There are 6 other hyperactive performers also dressed as chefs. Revolving around the Korean national dish of spicy rice, vegetables and beef called bibimbap. This nonverbal performance incorporates music, beat box, break dancing, acrobatics and singing. The act has now been performed all over the world ever since it debuted in 2009.

Bibap Comedy show

The Parisian Macao – Food Lovers’ Ultimate Destination

Sands Resorts of Macao of which The Parisian Macao is a part, offers 7 stellar restaurants. Each has its own deliciously different cuisine and ambience. During my stay there I got the opportunity to relish 5 different cuisines including one authentic Indian restaurant. An afternoon of casual French flair, or an authentic Paris-style backdrop to a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or even a marriage proposal – name the occasion and The Parisian Macao guarantees a memorable culinary experience. We had breakfast on each of the days at Le Buffet which features a European marketplace theme. Le Buffet includes live cooking. They have a display of fresh ingredients used to prepare the signature items for each food stall.

Le Buffet Parisian Macao

Lotus Palace Parisian Macao

Shopping at The Parisian Macao

What stunned me most about The Parisian Macao was the near perfect setting beautifully recreating Paris’ famed shopping boulevards. They have recreated the iconic shopping streets of Paris and lined them up with stores stuffed with amazing range of renowned Parisian brands. Shoppers can shop to their hearts content and yes those keen in window shopping can indulge in that too. They have even catered to visitors to relax during shopping. Shoppers can enjoy the tempting aromas of French and international sidewalk cafés, patisseries and bistros.

Shopping in The Parisian Macao

Street Shopping

Hotel Pool, Level 6

One can chill at the outdoor hotel pool in level 6. If only I had the time, sigh! It has areas for both relaxation and adventure. I longingly looked at the lounge chairs and cabanas line the pool. For guests’ convenience they have wait staff always on hand, bringing everything from cocktails to hot dogs.  Hotel pool is free for all hotel guests.

  • 3 Jacuzzi
  • Heated lap pool
  • 10 cabanas complimentary for hotel guest use only
  • Relaxation Pool with on-water sun loungers

Opening Hours

7AM to 8PM daily (May to October inclusive)

7AM to 7PM daily (November to April inclusive)

The Parisian Macao pool deck

Le SPA’tique, Spa in The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Macao offers a fully integrated luxury spa facility. I experienced its services during my stay there. Very impressive arrangements in the spa, I was told the spa concept takes its inspiration from the ‘La Belle Époque’ of Paris of the 1800s, and the essence of old Shanghai in a classical Chinese styled ambience. Signature treatments of Le SPA’tique are Paris of Asia Journey (3 hours) and 1870 Le SPA’tique Journey (2hours 45minutes)

Le SPA’tique spa is complete with the following:

  • Consultation lounges with an expert noting down your health related info.
  • 12 treatment rooms. You can opt for single rooms for more privacy.
  • Vitality Lounge is complete with sauna, steam room, experience showers, vitality pool, relaxation lounges and more. Available for both men and ladies.
  • Their list of service also includes barber shop for men providing hair as well as ‘signature shaves’ services
  • Hair boutique for ladies with full hair services and nail treatments
  • Retail boutique with a full selection of LING skincare as well as lifestyle gift items

Spa in Parisian Macao


This is one unique concept of entertainment for guests of The Parisian Macao. What we usually get to see in streets of several countries of Europe is enacted here. The first time I saw a well costumed performer I was confused whether he walked out of some nearby theater. To my and other guests’ amusement I saw him happily and willingly pose for photographs. Guests and visitors seemed to enjoy this little entertainment from French themed Streetmosphere characters offering meet and greet photo opportunities.

Streetmosphere The Parisian Macao


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  • Lovey description of the hotel with wonderful captures. It definitely seems to be a fun place for entire family.

  • I have always wanted to go to Macau and experience the East’s answer to Vegas! We love going to Vegas at least once a year. I’m thinking next year we should finally go to Macau. I love the look and feel of the Parisian! That pool looks amazing!

  • Wow, so much to do in one hotel! I LOVE the look of that spa- so elegant and luxurious! I bet they have great weather there too for enjoying the pool.

  • Macau really has turned into an exciting destination. Massive hotels like this one with great amenities are the perfect example of it. Would love to visit and spend some time!

  • Looks like a great place. I would love to take my parents there, although my dad will get bored very fast there, he will survive.

  • I can’t believe you can do all this in one place! 5 different cuisines would be enough, but add theater and a pool? Delightful

  • This hotel is amazing from the entertainment to the fabulous swimming pool. I have never heard of street performers inside a hotel.

  • This hotel looks so luxurious! With so many activities, it proves to be the perfect destination for families! I would love to check out the Bibap show and relax at the Spa!

  • Wow, what a hotel. When reading through everything this has to offer it is really difficult to imagine that this is all located in one place. It sounds like an ideal hotel to stay in if you enjoy spending time actually in the hotel grounds. Which so much to see and do I would feel the need to stay around the Parisian and explore rather than going out so it could be the perfect place to end a trip to the area.

  • WOW! I love that you can catch a play or show and then swim in that gorgeous pool! Great hotel!

  • What fun! I never thought of Macau as a family destination but so much is going on.

  • I always love reading about luxury hotels and watching their pictures. I wish I could experience it someday; the pools, the food, the soft bed, the shows and everything. I bet that the shows really is worth your time! you had a blast in this luxury hotel.

  • Wow, what a wonderful Hotel experience. I was supposed to visit Macau during my visit in Hong Kong, but since I don’t have leisure time, I wasn’t able to make it. Anyway, thank you for granting us a chance to experience this magnificent Hotel by just reading your blog post.

  • I don’t frequent luxury hotels, but if I have a choice of course, I would. Who doesn’t want to live like a queen (or a king) right. By just looking at the photos, you can really tell that Parisian Macau lives up to its brand. Everything looks luxurious indeed especially that swimming pool. But what really got me interested is the Le SPA’tique spa; I like getting body massages you see.

  • We have been to Macau but have missed visiting this hotel. Having varied activities for all age groups is a winning point for a hotel. This definitely seems to be a complete family hotel for all age groups. Its lovely!

  • Wow, it seems like I would have fun even without kids! It really made me want to go there right now! Tks

  • If I didn’t travel on a budget, I would probably consider staying in a hotel like this. The shows look so amusing and the pool is so luxurious and huge. I would definitely order a hotdog there!

  • I am definitely looking for my next travel destination with my family. And Parisian Macao seems just perfect. Luxury, entertainment, comfort – it seems like it has everything that one looks for in a destination for family holiday

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