A Cold Morning in Kufri

Brrrrr…. It was cold in Kufri.The sky was cloudy, wind chilly and there was slight drizzle, we had these ingredients to keep us indoors. Some of us had layers of clothing on; some were gulping down hot tea, glass after glass. The other best thing we could do then was chat. We were busy chatting, having a small session of ‘getting to know each other’.

Meanwhile, one of the waiters there was struggling to keep the cast iron cylindrical stove burning. He had inserted quite a few pieces of wood in to the stove and was stoking it continuously from the opening below, but the desired result wasn’t there.

After sometime he opened the cover from the top, usually this top of the fireplace is used for cooking food or heating water. I guess the waiter wanted to stoke the mellowed burning wood pieces for more fire, when all of a sudden huge blast of fire came out of the top. There was silence for split second; the waiter shut it up immediately; all of us got back to chatting again!

Thursday challenge: Fire

Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur
Kathgola Palace, Murshidabad

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